An attempt at an official "Who shot me there?" "Who was x at y?"

Discussion in 'Cool story, bro.' started by Mike_Oxlong, 2012-09-03.

  1. galenarab

    galenarab Shipwrecked

    who did i just steal a GAZ from in berezino? u guys were shooting after me like crazy :d
  2. Beatbox

    Beatbox Shipwrecked

    Indeed, props to these two who duked it out against us eventhough we had the high advantage with oldschooler sniper CZ! I honestly thought that you, the last guy, logged of behind the crashsite in fear. Sorry that we had the zombies eat your body but we didn't want to waste bullets... :)
  3. Slaight

    Slaight Scavenger

    Really Jupats?
    Next time dont shoot on sight when u see someone comming up the stairs in the tower of NEA. Sadly needed to kill you since u shot on sight, throw a granade after me and u didnt answer me, but thanks for the AKM + Mags and the Toolbox.
    Btw: Did you hurt yourself when u tried to throw that granade at me? :-D Luckily i left the building few sec before because i thought you are climbing the ladder down. But it was a zombie comming to you ^^
  4. Robbed a guy of his ghillie suit slightly north of Polana on SE9. You seemed like a nice guy!
  5. jupats

    jupats Survivor Leaderboard

    Lol... i was drunk as shit Slaight :-D i was listening to music and didn't notice the game sound when i did and heard that someone is under me then i tought like woow easy frag mby and my adrenaline was started to pump :-D but yeah the was a zombie who came up from that ladder so you must'v heard that.
    But no least i had fun for few minutes..hope u felt the same way :-D
  6. Zone

    Zone Shipwrecked Leaderboard

    SE10, who was that guy about 2 hours ago with the M4A1 in Chernogrosk, I shot ya with my M16 a few times and you just refused to die, kept coming at me.
    Finally a triple burst in the head kept you down!
  7. Slaight

    Slaight Scavenger

    Yea i enjoyed the fight ^^. Its not common that someone throws a granade after me :-D
    My thought after the granade exploded was "Holy shit, this escalated quickly"
  8. ollie

    ollie Secret Agent Leaderboard

    Okay, holy fuck, who did I just kill inside the little storage room, next to the barn a bit east of NWA? I was minding my own business, checking who was online, scanning the fields for players when someone suddenly pop up right in my fucking scope - 1 meter away from me, I got so fucking scared that I instantly logged out after killing you, damn son.
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  9. duckii

    duckii Guest

    Who was at the northern barracks SE10 at roughly 12 pm today? I hit you with my m4a3 and knock you off your feet with my nade and then you alt f4... bad sport. At least the altf4 script was in place and I gave you a parting headshot. (I believe it was some Wootang guy but not sure) :-(
  10. The bus @ Vyborg who just turned and drove right towards me and my mates who were lying down in tall grass with lots of bushes and stuff surounding us outside Vyborg. How the hell did you know that we were hiding right at that location.
    We never made any sound at all. You just went there, exited the bus and started shooting us.
  11. Grass isnt drawn in the distance. We saw you maybe 30 seconds before we ran over the first guy :) Then a single DMR guy killed us all when we were crossing a field :) Kharma! Hasnt been a good night for us ;p Who killed us west of airfield? Pretty awesome work, surprised the shit out of us every kill
  12. muminmuffin

    muminmuffin Shipwrecked

    to the guy @military tents in berezino on se10 some hours ago, i shat my pants when you started unloading your gun on me, i had to loot the supermarket like 3 times to get my health back up to normal :-( and @ the supermarket i ran into two other people, where one tried to get my attention while the other one unloaded his double-barred shotgun on me, good for me you where a bad shooter :-D 3 murders and now i can go to bed happy! :-D
  13. LOCKIZ, I was the one driving the bus. You were easy as hell to spott on closer range. WHY didn't u just shot me? I was so surprised we survived that... Then we all died 5 minutes later. Me with M14 aim, AS50, Coyote ETC ETC.... all that good stuff
  14. Petroshek

    Petroshek Scavenger

    Berezino, that could've been me, SE 9 during the night sometime?
    But I recall missing quite the few shots cuz u were zig-zaging! Hard to inticipate those zags :p
    But I loved the dude laying at a "spotter"-wall way west, was so stunned to actually see someone laying there all by himself :-D
    Killed quite the few ppl around the airfield during the night :)
  15. joeymofo

    joeymofo Survivor

    SE 9 , just now, polana. Enfield vs AK74, we killed each other... was that you again NWA ???
  16. that was me
  17. joeymofo

    joeymofo Survivor

    haha, why the hell do we keep running into each other! first back to the bodies wins eh
  18. only had an enfield. it's all yours buddy
  19. joeymofo

    joeymofo Survivor

    haha cool. i was just running up the hill to logout as well!
  20. Petroshek, youre patience is admirable :-(

    And about yesterday, that was me by the wall, had one guy 20 meters from me but he never saw you, and you not him, until later i suppose ;-)

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