An attempt at an official "Who shot me there?" "Who was x at y?"

Discussion in 'Cool story, bro.' started by Mike_Oxlong, 2012-09-03.

  1. Head090

    Head090 Shipwrecked

    to the guys killing me and my friend, how many of you were actually there at vibor hill, bout 10 mins ago, got shot at from vibor, saw a blue van moving towards lopatino, killed a guy with a coyote only to get shot 2 seconds later by an M107.

    on SE9 btw
  2. ImoK

    ImoK Murderer

    Yea it was probably you echotango

    e: doublepost :eek:
  3. Duplo

    Duplo Scavenger

    Dear god, what just happened in Berezino on SE9?
  4. I got you with less than one minute until server restart. :-D
  5. Oyoh

    Oyoh Shipwrecked

  6. Duplo

    Duplo Scavenger

    You arse, i was taping everything that happened there for 30 minutes up from the treeline where my friend tells me you shot me from, he was about 30 meters away from you and given another 30 seconds.. gaah. I can't believe it
  7. Oyoh

    Oyoh Shipwrecked

    dont worry, i got it hard in the face from a guy with a lee enfield :-D hehe

    No hard feelings tho, beeing killed with the enfield only enlarges my libido :p
  8. Im not gonna log back in now :-D
  9. Duplo

    Duplo Scavenger

    Someone was on the hospital, someone was in the cafee and a dmr. I understood nothing
  10. Pleasurebot

    Pleasurebot Cherno Survivor

    I shot after some dudes on an ATV in Berezino near the military camp earlier. I am a crap shot :-( I would feel happy if i hit you. Did i? Please?
  11. The guy I shot at around 01:05 this night, like 20 minutes ago. I heard you take a drink of your cola just before entering the school building Then I kept following you and made my shot at the right moment. Thanks for the M4A1 CCO , in change I handed over my Lee Enfield on your body and hide it, rest is piece.
  12. sebeN

    sebeN Scavenger

    Okay Magnus you killed me at NWA Firestation and my friend got you after but im still gonna hunt you down! i lost my NVG's,AS-50,M4A1 CCO SD etc etc.. so im not that amused that I have to get it all over again! but who was the other guy is my question? with the facepainting in the door?
  13. aerosolswe

    aerosolswe Survivor

    Who just killed me in NWA, you were laying in the barracks.. :)

    I just wanted to tell you that i shat myself..

    edit; se10
  14. Ron Swanson

    Ron Swanson Give me all the bacon you have. Leaderboard Administrator

    Was this on tuesday or wednesday? We went into Berezino with a DMR in the industrial building to t he North, a MK 48 on the hospital roof and two guys on the ground. Guy in the industrial building got backstabbed but they killed eachother. When one of the ground guys went to get the guns, he eventually got killed through a window by someone. Other guy on the ground was killed in an entrance by a camo guy, and I survived on the hospital roof with my Mk 48 and killed a woman below in the process.

    That what you meant? :)
  15. This was Thursday. Two friends of mine were in Berezino, of which one was on the hospital roof, one on the ground. Two random dudes were in the cafee, another guy was in the supermarket.
    My friends killed one of the guys in the cafee, and the dude near the supermarket.
    Then one friend got shot in the face.
    I was running from Staroye and got to the treeline southwest of the hospital with less than a minute before server restart and killed Duplo with an m24 from ~400m with heavy breathing. It appears he had a friend in the treeline close to me, but i got saved by the server restart. :-D
  16. Pleasurebot

    Pleasurebot Cherno Survivor

    So who kicked my ass near the deerstand north of pustoy khrebet at 00:40 ? :-D
  17. Freddy

    Freddy Hero

    Who the heck was driving that bus full of people near Gorka on SE9? Had a Quad bike clearing the way for you? Was crazy shit.
  18. Naturel

    Naturel Shipwrecked

    props to the guys tried to loot that crashed heli near Dichina, that u didnt alt f4 my cz550 did suprise me bigtime
  19. The quad bike was not friends of ours, we shot one of the guys on but somehow we missed the other one ;-)
    You shooting with DMR/M14? Killed one of us?
  20. Freddy

    Freddy Hero

    Nah, not me. Took pot shots at the guy on the quad bike who was about 30 seconds in front of you guys. He turned right at Gorka and you guys went towards Berezino. Didn't really feel like engaging a whole bus with an AKS and 2 mags :p

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