An attempt at an official "Who shot me there?" "Who was x at y?"

Discussion in 'Cool story, bro.' started by Mike_Oxlong, 2012-09-03.

  1. i was wondering why u didn't shoot me
  2. Gooby.

    Gooby. Survivor Leaderboard

  3. maybe u should shoot abit more at guys knocking out next time, u shot both of us and we both only knocked out
  4. Gooby.

    Gooby. Survivor Leaderboard

    ill keep that in mind :)
  5. Natural

    Natural Through space and time... Leaderboard

  6. Ferrett

    Ferrett Survivor Leaderboard

    Who shot at me from like 1km while i was looting woodland bandit on gay hill?
  7. Gooby.

    Gooby. Survivor Leaderboard

  8. Border

    Border Hero

    Smoker did, that was my woodland he was watching :-(
  9. Haha, yeah was changing guns :-(
  10. i must've had a lot of luck then, first you changing gun and then gooby throwing smoke
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  11. CBB

    CBB Chuck Bass Leaderboard

    You don't have guns, you're a hero.
  12. Cubie

    Cubie Professional Hoarder Leaderboard

    You mean the rocks north of prudISH? I ran there to get some eyes against altar in an ongoing fight and then i saw you, asked if it was one of us and as i was just about to blow your head off you stood up and i died.
  13. Was getting my hatchet out for the deerstand zombies is what i meant ;-)
  14. NvL, I'm verry sorry. I'm not a good pilot.
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  15. such a cunt :-(
  16. You looked so hostile :/
  17. because we knew there'd be a cunt in a cessna
  18. Totte

    Totte Stalker Leaderboard

  19. Yuuuuup :-D GG
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  20. SE2 NWAF UAZ 230pm server time.

    Who was just at NWAF central runway driving a UAZ? Approx 230pm in game time. We saw you drive off to west mound. Your front right tire looked flat after we shot it out and blood spewing from the vehicle. We are assuming we got one fo you. We know 2+ were in the vehicle because of how the blood was squirting out. Did we get any of you? How low did you get? Youre lucky we didn't have an LMG.

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