An attempt at an official "Who shot me there?" "Who was x at y?"

Discussion in 'Cool story, bro.' started by Mike_Oxlong, 2012-09-03.

  1. Mike_Oxlong

    Mike_Oxlong Survivor

    So, attempting to gather it all here instead of spamming new threads whenever shit happens - post it all in this thread, easy to keep track and check back in here when you get killed/kill someone!

    So for starters; For the ghillied dudes with an LMG and something else, you killed me when i was looting your backpack - Where the fuck was that? I was completely lost D:

    Also sorry for trying to kill someone with your own m107 a few minutes ago.
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  2. Seb

    Seb Shipwrecked

    you might want to add which server it happened on too.
  3. Mike_Oxlong

    Mike_Oxlong Survivor

  4. SE 9: Who did we steal the SUV from yesterday at petrol station Gorka?
  5. Kamel

    Kamel Shipwrecked Leaderboard

    Berezino, I did, why do you ask?
  6. joeymofo

    joeymofo Survivor

    SE 10 about 1am, me and my friend on bike and ATV up north, who did we chase down on bike and kill? he had nothing but hatchet and some basic gear
  7. SE 9: You did what? I asked who we stole it from yesterday, you? :)
  8. ImoK

    ImoK Murderer

    Who shot me at NW airfield right after a reset?
    I had m4a1 CCO SD and some other gear.

    edit: se10
  9. hyper

    hyper Shipwrecked

    Who got me outside vybor at the deerstands? SE9. Damn sniper couldnt hit shit :-D
  10. Mike_Oxlong

    Mike_Oxlong Survivor

    Had like 4-5 people altf4 at northwestern today - guy with stanag wep, camo clothing etc northeast of northern barracks, props for staying logged out for like 2 hours after altf4 faggetry!
  11. Fliiix

    Fliiix Scavenger

    With 2 FN FAL AN/PVS-4 and some other shit? :O
  12. Thats the one ;-)
  13. Mike_Oxlong

    Mike_Oxlong Survivor

    DAT JOKERFACE in the middle of airfield holysmokes
  14. Bolsen

    Bolsen Shipwrecked

    harry...why do you log out when you are bound to be killed by us, then log back in when you m8 comes, and you still got killed?
  15. Yeah, that was pretty gay. Only someone like Jerry would've done that. Damnit Jerry.

    - Tom Haverford
  16. Tjockejocke

    Tjockejocke Survivor

    Emil, want your m107 back? Too bad. I never picked it up. Nice compass, though.
    After about 3 respawns I finally got you at the helicrash fight(s) near Kozlovka/drozhino.
    Makes me happy. Getting tired of campers surrounding crash sites and terrorizing fresh meat from the beach.

    But let me know, was there two of you?
  17. Who came straight at me with an axe and czech pack? Felt bad for shooting at you so i bandaged you and was gonna go back to give you a bloodbag, no bloodbags left. Soab! ;D To bad you died.
  18. Who were the peeps that tried to fuck us up at our camp? You know, the guys with the AS50.
  19. ImoK

    ImoK Murderer

    Who's the sniper at NW airfield that killed like 3 people running along the walls? :-D
  20. ImoK: What server? I took out one guy (out of 3) on se10 along the south western wall, he logged after I hit him the first time, but im persistent :). After him finally logging back on after about 1 hour I took him out and about 10 minutes after that I was chased off by his 2 mates (I assume) who located me.

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