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Discussion in 'Meanwhile, in the real world...' started by Cubie, 2012-11-29.

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  1. cheater.....
  2. He is hacking there's no question about it...stop defending him...
  3. Sick arguments. You got me convinced.
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  4. Are you telling me that there is a way to convince you? from what I've read you are stubborn and won't take in obvious proof.
    You need to convince me that he is not cheating, try that.
  5. In what way stubborn?
    He was obv. playing on the DayZero servers, and you think he is hacking?
    All "proof" I saw was from people that never played DayZ (lol he's not getting hit by lowskilled people, hacks).

    FACT is: you never see him getting hit by a gun.

    And that's basically all you can say FOR SURE.
  6. frong

    frong Survivor

    The most obvious one is when he has 11k (something?) hp, no food, then he cuts out like 10 secs and when he cuts back in he's full again.
  7. What I find mostly convicing is the flashing temperature.
    This flashing temperature would never show up if he were not cheating.
  8. frong

    frong Survivor

    = Cheating

    Still think it's funny to watch his episodes :)
  9. Echomastermind

    Echomastermind Survivor

    Actually, if someone is being accused of something, the accuser is the one who needs to prove the accusations. Not the other way around.
  10. I accuse you for cheating sir! Now you will be seen as a cheater untill "YOU" have proven differently.....
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  11. So you are saying if someone have solid proof of someone cheating, there is still no need for the "cheater" to prove him wrong? that was the dumbest shit I've ever heard.

    Especially now when Frankie is not proving the accuser to be wrong, the only thing he is doing is trying to avoid the accusations which isn't really working out because what frankie is saying makes 0 sense...

    In my opinion I don't give a rats ass if he is hacking since his videos are really enjoyable BUT don't try to protect him when he is obviously hacking, if you still think he is not hacking just stay out of it because you have 0% proof of him not cheating.
  12. frong

    frong Survivor

  13. Dhanijel

    Dhanijel Survivor

    How can you still enjoy the videos knowing that they are fake and that he's a terrible player?
    I'm just interested, I don't really care about this whole thing since I didn't even know who Frankie was before this thread.
  14. It does defeat the excitement alittle bit but it is still watchable, I just try to not think about it :-D
  15. Echomastermind

    Echomastermind Survivor

    I'm saying that, since we're not talking about visible aimbots that are obvious to spot, you can't just present vague things like "The blinking temperature meter proves it!" and then judge him on a life time sentence. (Or you could, but that would just put you in the "Burn the witch" category).

    It's not what I would call solid proof, like catching a murderer on video while he's murdering his victim. It's not nearly the same.

    As a reminder: I also think that he's hacking. But I'm sick of everyone jumping to conclusions just like that. If you are going to judge, don't do it on assumptions.

    And MrRaiz0r, spare me the "that was the dumbest shit I've ever heard.". It doesn't add anything to your argument, except making it less serious.
  16. Yea sorry bout that, everytime I wake up I usually just go on the forums and swear alittle xD

    I do understand what you're saying but where would the flashing temperature thing come from otherwise? It doesn't look anything like the normal one and also when you see hackers use their hacks they have the same symbol. IMO that is proof ENOUGH to get Frankie to post the original video with no editing put on it.

    When you have something like that put against you, you really need to prove that you are not hacking, seeing him taking away videos and trying to silence the thing down just makes him look even worse.
  17. Echomastermind

    Echomastermind Survivor

    I agree that he SHOULD post the unedited video, absolutely, but I wouldn't sentence him to death for not doing so. I'm trying to stay as open minded as possible until someone comes with "solid proof" of him cheating, like unloading on him with an assault rifle, and him not dying or something like that. As I said. I think that he's hacking, but as I can't prove it, I won't judge him until I'm 100% certain.

    Is there some videos from the perspecitve of the ones that were shooting at him in the TAVIANA video where everything started? That would be interesting to watch.
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  18. Well guys, after this thread if he did play here I'm sure he doesn't any-more. So all the hackusators might as-well stop. Bottom line is there is no proof, there is proof he has suffered suspicious glitches but besides that nothing. Innocent until proven guilty, and anyone that says he already has been proven guilty needs to get their head out of there ass. Logs or Gtfo.
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  19. HernHunter

    HernHunter Shipwrecked

    I noticed earlier that people were asking for other examples of the flashing temp gauge. If you look at the recruiting video that NA has up ( you will notice a similar occurrence around 30 seconds in.
  20. Totte

    Totte Stalker Leaderboard

    So.. That means NA ARE HAXORS.. jk
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