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Discussion in 'Meanwhile, in the real world...' started by Cubie, 2012-11-29.

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  1. Bergi

    Bergi Hero

    i crashed a heli once in lingor, i wasn't bleeding or fell unconcious or anything like it. sometimes it is just luck or a bug or whatever.
  2. Only time that happens in a legit way is when the server is having some major desync. It happens in other standalone games using the Arma 2-engine as well. The weird part is that he doesnt have a desync symbol when stuff like that happens to him. It's also pretty weird how he always finds working vehicles. One could argue that he's just lucky but every episode? Really?

    He is losing subscribers (AKA MONEY) due to this. All he's got to do is post the raw footage to prove that he's not using some hacks. Why does he not do this? Doesnt take a rocket scientist to figure that one out.
  3. Echomastermind

    Echomastermind Survivor

    Well, there is that slim chance that he isn't a complete sell-out that only cares about how much he earns through YouTube. Maybe he just enjoys playing games, and see the money as a bonus or a way to continue to enjoy playing games. It doesn't look like he's spending that much money on other activities since, you know, he seem to play games every hour of the day to record footage.

    Maybe he just doesn't care if he lose subscribers. He probably don't want people who think that he cheats to watch his videos anyway. And please, don't give me the "all human beings are greedy fuckers and would do anything for money". Just don't.

    (Also, this is not a post trying to convince anyone that he isn't cheating.)
  4. Sure, but his reputation is also on the line. Not just money.

    No need to play that much if you're a cheater and know where other players and vehicles are. You can create situations that will be interesting to watch for somebody else. He could gather that stuff in 1 hour and then spend 1 hour editing it.

    So you're saying he doesnt care? That's your argument? He obviously does care since he's commented on this cheating-drama several times and with lots of bullshit explanations when all he could've done was upload the raw footage. He doesnt need to edit it or do anything. Just press upload on

    It honestly sounds to me like there's just a load of fanboys in here that cant handle that their bambilover is a filthy cheater. People acted the exact same way about WarZ when they were defending the developers.
  5. He's got almost 300,000 subs. If 20 people who are butt hurt because they think he hacks and un-subscribe it won't affect him. The guy is editing all his best game play together, of course it will look like he is impossibly good. He's experiencing some glitches which I and many others have also. I would accuse some of the people here for hacking because of unusual circumstances as well.
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  6. You're thinking about it the wrong way. If people keep saying he's a cheater he will get less subscribers and lose more subscribers. That's clearly not good. And all he needs to do is upload raw footage. Who would you accuse of hacking? And why? Have people uploaded videos with the temperature icon covered up? Did they suddenly increase in heath for no apparent reason?
  7. Echomastermind

    Echomastermind Survivor

    Read that again. I was presenting the possibility of him just not caring that much about losing subscribers. I didn't say that he actually did or did not. It wasn't an argument.

    Words such as "fanboys" need to stop existing. Escpecially in here. It instantly degrades your post from something constructive to something I can't take seriously. "You don't think he hacks? You must be a fanboy! You're a fuckin' fanboy!!"

    Yeah, that REALLY gets your point through, doesn't it?

    That being said: Yes. He should upload the unedited footage.
  8. There's very clear signs of him being a cheater. It's like you see a dude wearing a skimask and holding a gun outside a bank and say "Well, he's probably just going hunting in Alaska". Very, very naive.
  9. Echomastermind

    Echomastermind Survivor

    How is that related to anything i said in the quoted post? Please elaborate.
  10. Elaborate what? It's a parable. A very accurate one at that.
  11. Dajje

    Dajje Shipwrecked

    I'm not sure what to quote but this is directed to you.

    OK, lets just "assume" he is cheating like you try to convice everyone. I've watch all his videos and through out all his videos its really nothing of what he's been doing that we all like so much about him and his videos where a cheat would help him that much. You see him get hit many times so he sure doesnt use god mode. He surely doesnt use aim bot cause thats kinda easy to see how he is leading shots and its a natural move with the crosshair. What does he uses the cheat for, spawning in vehicles to be lucky? Spawning in good weapons? Maybe, but i sure remember that he often kill guys and get their gear or loot helicrashes... Its not that hard to find good weapon either...

    I think all accusations i read mostly are just bugs, or really doesnt matter.

    You have to remember that he edits HOURS of gameplay and of course remove boring or "bad" parts so everything you see i only the best of him. Its like if i put togheter a montage from flying helicopter in BF3, i surely dont edit in my tv missiles i miss...

    Everything you edit can make you look very good...

    And all acusations except for that flashing temp gage i've experience in Dayz and i havnt really played alot. That red admin text i always have, the ui icons not working i had, I've got hit not loosing blood etc etc... I've been shoot down to 2000 blood... escaped... logged out like 20 minutes later, and when i logged in again i suddenly had 11000 blood...

    And that gunfight where he kills alot of guys... He is smart and constantly running zig zag and its not that easy to hit in dayz when you move like that behind trees and stuff... He make fast stops and hits good... Pretty easy to tell he is not cheating... You hear bullets miss him aswell...

    And this about he suddenly has good blood again etc... Dont you think he edit away all parts where he regain his health? Kinda boring to look at that for us viewers...

    Nah, i really dont think he is cheating in that way he get advantages like god mode, aimbot, spawning in stuff etc etc...
    I just think people can't deal with that he is a good player and just an awsome entertainer so they search for evidence to bring him down in some kind of way...
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  12. Dhanijel

    Dhanijel Survivor

    I know absolutely nothing of this guy, but after reading all the things presented it's pretty obvious that something shady is going on.

    I guess I would have the same reaction if people accused Sacriel of cheating.
  13. Hey. People dont team up and throw hackusations at Sacriel and he's a successful streamer/player too. This is not going to be a hate-speech about Frankie. This is a strictly objective thread about his (possible) cheating.

    Please read this with an open mind and contemplate if you would find these things weird.

    I personally think that Frankie initially did legit videos without using any cheats but as the subcount increased he had to keep up bringing the viewers new & exciting stories. Sadly, this does not always occur in the DayZ-universe so he turned to cheating. That way HE creates the situation - giving him full creative control. Stuff like that could be useful when you make story-based videos, I guess.

    His temperature-icon blinks!

    A selfadmitted hacker explained on reddit how one of those hacks work and what it does is that it makes the temp blink to let you know that "now you're in god-mode". That's why people even bothered calling him a hacker. And I guess that's also why so many people think that it's not a big deal - simply because they dont know about how that hack works.

    Frankies own explanation to the blinking was:
    Blinking Temperature monitor This blinks throughout. The glitchy rain in DayZ is partly the cause, as you can > see it blinks when I am on less than 12,000 health and getting hit by zombies.

    But if you watch his video where he kills a full squad it only blinks during the fight. Not before, not after. I dont say this because I am jelous in any way. It's there and nobody can deny that it's really fucking weird.

    Also! Short after that these people got banned from that server.

    So, why wouldnt he upload his RAW footage? These names are likely to pop up. Proving what? Hmmm.

    Here's a video where somebody is using that very same hack:

    Dont worry, the hack is now outdated and it will not work anyway.

    And what do you know. The temperature-icon behaves JUST like in Frankies video.
    Here's Frankies video in case you'd like to compare it yourself:

    He's got more videos where it blinks and he NEVER bleeds during the blinking. I really tried to find a sequence where it happens but it just flat out never does.

    While playing on a server where he kills a guy on an airfield he's got a different-looking debug monitor and he himself claimed it to be a "server-side" bug. Luckily the guy he killed was streaming it and you can clearly see that the dude he killed got the normal debug monitor. Just another funny coincidence, right?

    Clips out of this video can be found here:

    Frankie took down all popular hackusation-videos from youtube due to copyright infringement, even though they only showed short clips of his gameplay and the dude that uploaded it didnt even monetize the videos. This might be due to simple selfish reasons, but it's still pretty weird.

    He's also removed his own comments on things on reddit since they were simply lousy explanations making him look even worse.

    The blood goes from 10000 to 12000 after an edited cut
    You argue that he cut this out because it would be boring to watch this for the viewers. Well, in the video you actually see his inventory. He does have 2 bloodbags, and some food. But far from enough food to bring him up to 12000. AFTER the cut he still got his bloodbags and he still got his food. Also; HIS TEMP STARTED BLINKING!

    The thing is that he makes entertaining videos at the same time as he really comes off as a nice guy. Defending "bambies" and so on. People HATE to think that their hero is in fact the most lousy cheater there is - using cheats to trick his followers into thinking he's good. That's why they defend him without really having any good arguments except "well maybe he thinks like this or ... that?" Simpleminded what-ifs instead of "Well, this particular thing could be explained by X"

    It all just comes down to that he should show his raw footage of that one video. It would end the controversy, shut up the people accusing him and probably gain him even more respect (and subs). But he wont. Because he cheats.

    Im sure he's a nice guy in real life. But I am convinced that he's the worst kind of gamer.
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  14. Dajje

    Dajje Shipwrecked

    OK, so he has a different debug monitor? I've had different debug monitors on reconnect to same servers sometimes. Im not sure how this really affect his gameplay? Same as the red admin messeges, i always have these on server for example...

    I was watching the squad fight last night and to me i see nothing suspicious... Hes out of their line of sight with the trees, constantly moving and shooting, Aiming good, you hear the bullets miss and he clearly lands his shots good...

    And when he cuts to get his blood up you dont know, maybe he has another friend nearby, except for jack that gives him blood, maybe he took alot of food from some body laying nearby that you dont see, etc etc...

    I have no real experience of the temp gauge, but sure. When you showing me that video its a little bit suspicous cause i have no "counterproof" for it... Its like the Fake moon landing video. If you watch it your 100% convinced its a hoax, But than theres a video that proofs it and again its obvious that it did actually happen... Anybody can paint up a image for the viewer with "facts" that looks too good to be true...

    Maybe theres other things that can make the temp gauge blink aswell? Til anyone confirms its 100% sure that only that hack causes it to blink, then its not 100% sure. When im looking at how he plays he sure doesnt play like a bad person that needs cheats. You can tell that he is very good in general. That just something you see...

    But maybe your right, i cannot be 100% sure that he could use some kind of health hack, but i find it unlikely... Since i see him get shot many times and looses blood, revieve blood bags etc etc...
  15. Totte

    Totte Stalker Leaderboard

    It may also be possible that he re-logged to gain blood? Or is it only?
  16. VanZ0r

    VanZ0r Survivor


    I think the guy is a fraud.
  17. Blaze

    Blaze The Noob

    Who exactly is Frank and what's the big deal if he is infact hacking?
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  18. He's probably the most well-known DayZ-personality right now. It's controversial since it would mean that the most beloved DayZ celebrity is a cheap hacker. It would also mean he's a big hypocrit since he's talked a lot about how all hackers should be banned etc.
  19. Blaze

    Blaze The Noob

    And that's the way the cookie crumbles.
  20. Diddi

    Diddi Survivor

    Get the fuck outta 'ere!
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