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Discussion in 'Meanwhile, in the real world...' started by Cubie, 2012-11-29.

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  1. Cubie

    Cubie Professional Hoarder Leaderboard

    Since his last video off DayZ alot of people have claimed that he is in fact a hacker, aparrently the germans that he killed, hit him multiple times with their weapons.

    What's your thought on this? I'll link the frankie episode aswell as the reddit thread with frankies reply and the video that was made who later got removed and then added to another site.

    "Many people, including me always had the suspicion of Frankie using a hack, the reason being that is because frankie is always extremely lucky to find amazing loot and happens to survive certain scenarios. People call him 'the most lucky dayz player' but it's really not luck at all.
    It's the magic of editing, let me elaborate this; In his first lingor island episode he spawns close to a helicopter crash. He finds high-end gear within 5 minutes of playing on the map, extremely lucky, right? No, this could very well be his 3th or 4th spawn in the map but just edited into the beginning with his voice covering it over as it was his first spawn, let me explain how they do that. Some youtubers, totalbiscuit[1] for example, record their voice and the game-play separately while it still being live commentary. They use two different programs; one to record the game and one to record their voice. Later in post they sync it together so it's one piece together. The reason some youtubers do this is because the audio codec of fraps or whatever recording software they use isn't the best. Using a professional voice record program would result into better audio quality (so a better end product). Second reason is that they can just cut out a bit out of the live commentary and fill it in later in post while it still may look live.
    I'm 99,99% sure that Frankie did this right here[2] . After he was done recording, he opens up the voice recording program once more and records saying that he is going to kill every last of them because he knew that he did kill all of them. It still looks like he said it live, at that moment. He is 'predicting the future' after in happened, because of this brilliant editing method it may look even more epic and suspicious but in reality it's just really good editing.
    For example, let's say he is playing battlefield 3 and he is doing a live commentary. Right before he preforms a 360 no scopes he will say "Do you see that bambi over there? I'm going to 360 no scope him". A few seconds later he does it aswell, it may appear live but in reality it was all done in post. Predicting the future after it happened, making you even more amazed and pumped about it.
    Now what about his luck? He records absolute hours of game-play over a period of a few days and edits all the amazing parts out of it and makes it look like it's in a chronological order while in reality it's all past and future content. You will believe this because he will open his fancy map animation, the dot line pops up and you'll see that he is in a total different area. Sometimes you'll even see that he 'crashed' his vehicle half-way in the animation but you won't actually see that in the game. This is because he probably didn't crash the vehicle there but the gameplay you'll see there is from a total different time or day, he just wants to make it look logical. All the extreme lucky things are the highlights and he just makes it look like it's in a chronological order so it's one big story line. The amount of effort and editing Frankie put in these videos is overseen and that means it's done right. Frankie not always manages to make it into a chronological order because the effort to do that is enourmous but he will say this in the beginning of the video if that is the case. edit: Now I'm not saying that he did not use a hack right there. I'm just explaining why he is 'so lucky' and why everything always goes right on his end." this is what someone wrote on reddit i think
    ^ this is a thread about Frankie

    ^this is the video about frankie being a hacker(it summs up the reddit thread)

    ^ this is the actual episode.
    ^This is Frankies response about the hackusations

    I love Frankie and this really saddens me, i'm not a blind fanboy, everything points towards him about being a hacker.

    What are your thoughts about this?

    Update: Frankie has now changed his video so you can only comment if the comment has been accepted.
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  2. VanZ0r

    VanZ0r Survivor

    still watching but...I get red Admin text in Tiv??? Maybe smething to do with launch parameters?
  3. Echomastermind

    Echomastermind Survivor

    It would be a shame if he is really hacking. I enjoy his videos though, and I would probably continue to watch them, even if it is true.
  4. Molliturpa69

    Molliturpa69 Paying Customer Leaderboard

    Despite our squad name, I don't consider myself to be a fanboy and the video is actually bringing out some seriously disturbing matters. I actually remember watching the Gun Shop -video and wondering that what the hell was going on. Especially with these interesting answers from him I don't know what to think of this.

    Well, it sure would be rather devastating to the whole DayZ-scene as Frankie has became quite large part of it, or atleast it sure seems like so o_O
  5. Why? It's beyond me how anybody would support a hacker. That will just attract even more people to do the same thing - cheat & record it to make money.

    His videos are good but IF he is a cheater I'd never watch another one of his videos again simply because I dont want to support that type of person.
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  6. I don't think he is hacking. The only thing that even sounds strange is the temperature monitor thing, but any dayz player can tell you the ui is bugged to hell. Same thing with the broken legs etc, ive had the same bug and ive never hacked. Those players claiming they "should have killed him" is pretty funny as well, just blatant accusations because they failed.

    If anything, that "hacker proof" video is something i won't even bother taking seriously, as they contradict themselves in their own video. Claiming they're giving you an objective video with only facts while at the same time hinting every other sentence that he's clearly hacking. Haters gonna hate.
  7. Echomastermind

    Echomastermind Survivor

    If he is cheating, he'll eventually start getting banned, and that will severely hamper his videomaking, and I think that he realises this as it is getting alot of attention.

    I don't think it will inspire more people to cheat in DayZ. Why would it? If someone is the cheating kind of person, I'm sure that they are already cheating. I'm pretty sure he makes the videos because he thinks that it is fun, not solely because of the money like many seem to claim right now.

    I don't want him to continue cheating if he is doing it, but if the "Bid deal" about it that is going on now will make him stop, I'm willing to forgive.
    I don't want to support a hacker, but throwing pitchforks at him without really solid proof is just as dumb as the fanboys that would defend him if said proof was smeared in their faces.

    Bottom line: I don't know what to make of this yet. But until further notice, I won't stop watching his videos.
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  8. hmm interesting..
  9. that's lame..
  10. strudelpopje

    strudelpopje Kleng, beng, screng, scrape, Dylan came to rape!

    That was awesome.
  11. robertzon

    robertzon Scavenger

    Don't really care, i'm watching his videos for fun.
  12. Noxity

    Noxity Shipwrecked

    I'm not entirely sure what to make out of all this. It does seem quite suspicious. I will continue to watch his videos as I enjoy them a lot and there hasn't been any real solid proof yet. All speculations. claims to have logs of Frankie and Jack cheating, why have they not been published?
  13. Dirty hacker.
  14. I like how the video-creater said something like "switching topics" and shit, but when it comes to the render-part he just uses a lame laugh, instead of givings fucking DETAILS, even tho' they are boring. He is trying to prove a fucking point there.

    Also, REALLY trusty arguments there. Some guy that Frankie talked to, said something. SADLY there is no proof or comment from that guy.

    +1 for stupid attentionwhores that never played dayz.
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  15. VanZ0r

    VanZ0r Survivor

    The only comment I have on this is that he plays with supreme confidence. I have only seen and experienced this level of confidence when playing at the very highest levels of gaming ability, the top 1-2% of players of a particular game or with/against a hacker.

    As they are entertainment videos the commentary has, I suspect, been added afterward and thus creates possibly a false impression of coolness and confidence. The big squad fight video I think is suspicious. He runs around with hardly a care in the world while there are 2 or even 3 people firing at him including a 50cal. It just doesn't feel right, that doesn't mean it's hacking but I have an uneasy feeling about it.
  16. Ive been admin on a couple big comminuties here in sweden for a couple of years, from my experience i would say frankie is hacking. The ridculous response he gave on reddit were just confirming my theory.
  17. Go on, please
  18. Alright, I get you and I agree. What I was trying to say was; if he manages to cheat and become successful even after getting caught, it could make legit players cross the line and do the same thing.

    I bet he's already been banned a few times (if he is using that type of cheat) but since he is dubbing his videos afterwards & using an alias, there's basicly nothing leading back to him in form of "trace". He could just buy another account on Steam. It takes one minute and isnt expensive at all.
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  19. Echomastermind

    Echomastermind Survivor

    Yeah, he could. But if he's in the middle of recording a video, it would be a hassle to get his gear back and such to keep the continuety of his videos.

    And I agree with the "If he continues after getting caught". That would be a little weak. As I said, I'm willing to forgive if he's stopping the hacks as of right now. That is, IF he's hacking.
  20. If he is cheating and gets caught, it would not be a hassle to regain those weapons. He's a cheater, remember? All he needs to do is change the key in the windows registry and he's set to continue.
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