League of Legends Season 3

Discussion in 'Meanwhile, in the real world...' started by BoatsmanBob, 2012-11-13.

  1. Season 3 is coming! So I made this thread to see if anyone here is playing League of Legends! :)

    Me and my friends do, we play on EU West. :)
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  2. Chuck Norris

    Chuck Norris Shipwrecked

    I play on EU West aswell!

    Im looking forward to season 3 and to raise my ELO even a bit more!
  3. Satiris

    Satiris Stalker

    < 2300 on eu west.
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  4. I've only been on 1600. Aiming for atleast 1,8 this season!:)

    And goodluck Chuck.

    And that is certainly great Satiris. :O
  5. really? what's your acc name?^^

    CAIOLOL Survivor

    <<< LVL20

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  7. Mirza

    Mirza Hero

    I play on EU West,

    Ingame name = Ron Burgundy
    1400 ELO :-(
  8. Vilkur12

    Vilkur12 Shipwrecked

    I am lvl 30 EUWEST if you guys are intrest to play my nick is Minimegaeine
  9. Jorzki

    Jorzki Scavenger

    EUW with 850 wins and Silver elo =/
  10. Teskuz

    Teskuz The Mascot Leaderboard

    Best Blitz EU .. Other than that I suck ! >.<
    Teskuz (EUW) if anyone wanna go for some normals, CBA ruining my rating by loosing my 10 first games yet!
  11. sold my account, was 1400~

    might make a new account when the names reset
  12. Mirza

    Mirza Hero

    When are they resetting again?
  13. Uhivra

    Uhivra Hater

    When? Its season 3 already >.< 1500~ atm euw
  14. Mirza

    Mirza Hero

    Ino its season 3, but I didn't know they reset unused accounts at the start of each season
  15. Uhivra

    Uhivra Hater

  16. Jacob Riis

    Jacob Riis Shipwrecked

    I probably won't play much in season 3.

    Played most of season 1 (since the start), and all of the second season, and I never do badly, and it's not really fun anymore :p

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