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  1. Leman

    Leman Hero

    Hi everyone i've just tried the wasteland mod for ARMA 2 and i'm finding it really good! Not sure if anyone else plays it at all? Would be nice to see some familar faces on there!

    If enough people like maybe we could even get a server set up on it? It seems relativly simple, you don't even need to download a mod like dayz to play it, its just a mission on normal ARMA 2.

    Just load up arma 2 with no mods enabled, and filter wasteland. Give it a try!
  2. Yep it looks quite interesting. It's a real bummer that it doesn't support persistence though, really ruins the building-aspect knowing that all your effort will be erased at server-restart.
  3. Leman

    Leman Hero

    Yeah i know i was thinking that too :/ kinda makes making a base pointless although it is pretty quick to make one but still :/ maybe theres some way around that IE not restarting the server so often ? But i guess all cars n that would be hoarded n gone in a couple of days really so... yeah not sure what could be done about that. Think servers restart daily as it is so still you can have quiet a bit of fun for a day making a small base
  4. Yeah might be! That could be a part of the game though. Finding other peoples camps, sneaking up to steal vehicles and supplies not knowing if there's someone in there guarding it or not. Maybe you could even hire AI that would guard your camp, different costs for different types of AI (equipment etc) and they despawn after a set time. I'm probably hoping for too much.. :-D
  5. Leman

    Leman Hero

    Yeah think you're asking a bit much, but i should think its possible. I don't really understand why base building n that isn't in dayz yet, i mean this mod seems to be older than Dayz n yet it has base building n stuff set up real good + cars all ooooover the map, i mean thats brilliant ! :-D You get alot more action that ways. I guess it's not made the same way dayz is. But hey having a good time so far :) haven't even really built up a base on a server yet.

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