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Discussion in 'Meanwhile, in the real world...' started by Teskuz, 2012-11-09.

  1. Dhanijel

    Dhanijel Survivor

    mmmm foobar2000...wasapi?
  2. Esoterick

    Esoterick Hero


    I have all the programs I use either pinned to the start menu or the task bar.
  3. WedbeXx

    WedbeXx Squad Meatshield

    Clean is the way to go!
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  4. Wolfy

    Wolfy Scottish Wasteman Leaderboard

    Not Christmas related , but i thought a few people might like this.

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  5. Moriquende

    Moriquende Someone mixed my medicine Leaderboard

  6. Jakeke

    Jakeke Scavenger

  7. Gustapo

    Gustapo Survivor

  8. Satiris

    Satiris Stalker

    that's how desktop is supposed to look like
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  9. RoCKiE

    RoCKiE Scavenger

    Hi guys :> changed it a few dayz ago ^^

  10. Kosugi

    Kosugi Scavenger

    Sure, I'll bite

  11. bajsbarn

    bajsbarn Scavenger

  12. rafii6311

    rafii6311 Scavenger

    here's mine

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