Alt+f4 über pro above cherno

Discussion in 'Cool story, bro.' started by addefena, 2012-08-31.

  1. GG you guy with an L85 AWS and a Coyote backpack above cherno on SE 10 around 22:45 GMT+1. We heard the shots from miles away and hunted you down and down you went. Down under ground because you alt f4'd. Was about to get happy but you stupid kids ruin the game. Please try to fix this shit, cuz it seems to get worse every day when people are realizing that alt+f4 seems to work.
  2. Mike_Oxlong

    Mike_Oxlong Survivor

    Had a guy jabdah(?) die to our chopper-fire, he then altf4d AFTER deathmessage, logged back in and started shooting, died again.
    First time i see it rollback after the actual death-message. :|
    Also some guy with akm.
    (Both of these were north of cherno aswell, around 22:50~)
  3. Mike_Oxlong

    Mike_Oxlong Survivor

    Ours was on se9! Double posting ftw
  4. And a guy on sniper hill in Elektro tonight with Coyote backpack and a gun I didnt really recognize 800 meters away when I smashed a sniper bullet to his face and see his body disappearing down. It's this kind of stuff that really heatens me up, otherwise these servers are fucking amazing.
    SE 10 btw.
  5. gReyLeg

    gReyLeg Noob without DMR Leaderboard

    same for me i where inside an apartment at the north hospital when i see 3 ppl run in to the hospital for supplie.

    I start shooting and they all alt+f4
    I got so mad that i camp that spot for 30-40 min untill they logged in and died (one of them had a camo sniper might be the same guys?)

    Died right after from a 4th that came and shoot me in the back but worth it!

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