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  1. Ron Swanson

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    I'd just like to thank the 6-10 people who was engaged in the sniper battle with me and my buddies on top of the silo in Cherno.

    We stayed up there with an enfield, a CZ550 and an AK for quite some time while you all tried to sneak up on us - I think we killed most of you but you kept coming back. Ahmed - you sneaky son of a bitch ;-) Very persistent in standing still while I waited for my mates to come get you while you had me pinned!

    And also to the guys around Cherno who were randomly sniped by an enfield shot - Sorrry (not really ;-). Man some of those shots were amazing, especially the guy with a FAL on the hospital roof. You took one hit, I missed the second and you ran for cover... only to die and fall out from behind your shelter.

    - Ron Swanson.
  2. If this was on SE 9, I think I was one of them. Moving from industrial site east of Cherno, towards west, staying in cover while getting shot at. Made to where I wanted to stay, in a building with stairs and a ladder to get to the highest I part. Got distracted by zombies coming up the ladder, shot them, moved towards the ladder to look down, then getting shot from the silo :p I enjoyed the "hunt". Good times
  3. I'm positive it was on SE9, although I was not present at the time. Sounds like I shouldn't have left early, damn you Liverpool.

    - Tom Haverford
  4. The same day I was sniping 4-5 ppl also with my Lee Enfield from the 3 yellow big building at Cherno.. was pretty fun untill I went out of ammo and had to climb down.. and get shot by a guy who waited for me..
  5. ImoK

    ImoK Murderer

    Did you shoot a guy in ghillie suit near the military/hospital tents?
    That was me, I didn't really have any gear, just spawned in cherno and found the ghillie in an apartment, and I noticed people shooting many snipershots in cherno so I saw one guy on top of a roof, wanted to sneak behind him and some other dude shot me in the side :-D
  6. I shot a guy on a building roof next to the medical tents there.. he was rolling left and right all the time to dodge me bullets :p..
  7. Ron Swanson

    Ron Swanson Give me all the bacon you have. Leaderboard Administrator

    Nope ImoK, I dont think so.

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