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Discussion in 'Cool story, bro.' started by jupats, 2012-11-03.

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  1. Marrw


    Thanks for the ride today Gotham! :))) It was super awsome:p
  2. no problem, you also spotted those 2 guys at stary so it paid off for us in the end :)
  3. I heard that Marrw had a good time with you while we were talking in skype. Unlucky for me I managed to get myself killed while trying to help you in Stary :p Did that hero who shot me actually get away? At least i got one of his friends :)
  4. Yeah no idea where the hero suited guy went.... Maybe he could lighten us if he is at the forums?

    Hero suited guy @ South of Stary Sobor against helicopter etc. Please reply!
  5. Molliturpa69

    Molliturpa69 Paying Customer Leaderboard

    Ah, so it was you with the Huey, as we presumed?

    Nice job from you! It pretty much started when Two-Face tried to steal my m16 and I shot him in the face. Then you ended up killing me and Coffe on to the field. Then I think it was you guys who raped our camp (White UAZ etc.) and left us with pretty low on gear. Though I'd say that was mainly my fault for not driving the car further as I was kinda occupied IRL at the same time :-(

    After the restart we packed what we had left and headed up north, while actually dodging the Huey couple of times close to some crash-sites. Then it ended up escalating in Stary when you saw our techincal and clearly tried to line up for a shot. After few sneaky maneuvers from me, I ended up popping the wheel to a wooden fence and after that you managed to kill me and Jimi while the rest of us just got the hell out of there.

    I'm not sure if you meant us but it sure would make sense for it to be you guise!

    And once again, great job from you. Now we're without a camp, vehicles or gear!
  6. Yeah we knew it was you guys also there, but dunno if that hero suited guy was one of you since there were few non iB tagged corpses also.

    Yeah we tried to rape your camp, but like the tents didnt get destroyed and the tecnical spawned again there after restart, even tho we blew it up also...

    Have to say thanks for the mk mod 0! Now i have Magnum, DMR and Mk Mod :-D
  7. Molliturpa69

    Molliturpa69 Paying Customer Leaderboard

    Probably it was from us, we had couple of guys without tags there too. And gawd the luck we had, just when we were a bit scattered around the area, and our .50cal AA-technical had blown up like 15 minutes before that.

    But oh well, you win some, you loose some. We'll just have to regear and hunt you down ;-)
  8. jupats

    jupats Survivor Leaderboard

    Im wondering also that who was the Hero person with some LMG who ran way from Stary towards Novy or so...i hit him with my first shot from my magnum @ 700m but he didn't drop :-(
  9. Molliturpa69

    Molliturpa69 Paying Customer Leaderboard

    It was Coffe, who made it out with about 6k blood.
  10. jupats

    jupats Survivor Leaderboard

    well wtf...lucky son of a bitch then :-D
    fucking game
  12. Was it you guys who put a Huey on the supermarket roof? o_O
  13. when? which server? where? Could you be more specific?
  14. Now, SE4, I don't wan't to say where since it's still there. It's on the roof of a supermarket. Did you guys put it there? If not, could you perhaps help us get it? We could also ''trade'' it for something ;-)
  15. PM me ur voicechat info
  16. Are you guys still playing on SE4? Haven't seen you guys in quite some time now.
  17. Hr.Juut

    Hr.Juut Scavenger Leaderboard

    We're waiting for the new DayZero patch
  18. Hr.Juut

    Hr.Juut Scavenger Leaderboard

    So we're back online and this time cruisin around with our tuned GAZ it's the most op vehicle in the dayzero. It has 2.8 litre twinturbo engine with lorinser exhaust. Both turbos @1.5 bar boost. Cruisin around and listening our epic soundsystem. In the beginning doing 205km/h

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  19. Thumbs up from first minute!

    WAAAIIIIIITT! im taking it back! last 3 minutes of bore driving...
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