Best recording program.

Discussion in 'Meanwhile, in the real world...' started by KrigsgudeN, 2012-11-03.

  1. OldDude

    OldDude Scavenger

    DXtory with x264 :)
    Cant be beaten
    All else is juts pantz
  2. Dhanijel

    Dhanijel Survivor

    Tried DXtory and hated it.
    I would really love fraps if it wasn't for the lack of sound options.
  3. I just use OBS and stream it to And then i can link stuff from VOD with timestamps.
  4. Paj

    Paj Survivor

    Stop being cheap and invest in PlayClaw. You won't regret it. :)
  5. Or you invest in Avermedia Livegamer HD.
  6. zelacor

    zelacor Scavenger Leaderboard

    I use DXtory, but I can't play the files I record with VLC. Do I need to convert them or something?
  7. I have one, and it's freaking awesome! NO Fps drops and file size is veery good.

    2h 39min = 22gb
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  8. Pvt Ryaan

    Pvt Ryaan Survivor

    lol fraps, no way dude. It drops fps and it's like 1gb& per minute when recording at full-screen and 60 fps
  9. I tried recording once but it got really bad lagspikes ingame. I'd love to be able to record footage and TS3, but with my gaming primarily taking place on a laptop these days, I can't connect a card.

    If I was recording in 1080p, with any software (dxtory, fraps, whatever), what's a rough amount of data I'm going to generate per hour? I saw Flawwan saying he got 22gb for 2h 39, but he's using an external card. What am I going to get using software, roughly speaking?
  10. Livergamer HD compress the video while you're actually playing and the card got its own cpu. That's why it gives you such a low filesize and close to no performance hit. When I was using Fraps and recorded in full hd the ratio was about 1 gb per minute and it gave me a pretty big performance hit. You could use Dxtory with the x264 codec. That would probably give you a smaller filesize.
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  11. I was autobanned(hack #3) by battleeye when i tried record some video O_O
  12. Paj

    Paj Survivor

    I seriously doubt that was because of playclaw. I use it all the time while playing and nothing has happend yet.

    Are you sure you don't have something else installed on your pc?
  13. Pvt Ryaan

    Pvt Ryaan Survivor

    some random arma bug. nothing to worry about

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