Ultimate DayZ Graphics Settings and Tweaks Guide

Discussion in 'Guides' started by Svingen, 2012-11-03.

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    I'd rather have 2600, it's just too easy to snipe people @ 1600
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    There was some great information in here, smoothed the game out a great bit for me. Went from recording ~22 fps to a 100% stable 60 fps while playing. As a comment to the FOV section, it might be nice to add that if you change the FOV, it is no longer possible to range targets using the mildots / PSO scope system. At least it didn't work for me after I changed my FOV to 90. All ranges were miscalculated by about ~200 meters off
  3. Yes, changing the FOV will affect the original mildot distances. Go into Arma 2 and play about in the firing range to get used to your new FOV and figure out the new positions for your distance markers.
  4. it will screw up all pso and pso-like scopes so i suggest not to change the fov as it will render acog, pso and g36 scope built-in rangefinders useless, also sometimes u will have hard time spotting things that are too far from u

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