Am i the only one who hates these early nights on SE2?

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by plznfakr, 2012-11-03.

  1. plznfakr

    plznfakr Hero

    I can understand if you are from a different timezone. But for anyone in Sweden (I know im not the only Swede on the server) you cant possible enjoy how early it gets dark?

    If you get home from work / school you get like 2 hours or so before it's in the middle of the night. And when it's raining it gets unplayable.

    I really liked the way it was before on SE3 (here in Sweden it got dark at around 02:00) Then you actually had a chance to play during daylight. Especially during weekends when people actually can stay up and play later.

    Would be interesting to hear other peoples opinion on this... from Sweden or otherwise.
  2. im with you se3 has by far the best timesettings...!
  3. Volrath

    Volrath Biggus Dickus

    I agree with OP.
  4. I absolutely fucking LOVE dusk though. I even enjoy night time when the moon is out and there's no clouds. But dusk when there's still a tiny bit of colour left this game REALLY shines. Everything is super pretty and you can hide a bit better than in full daylight. I would suggest extending dusk (if possible, not sure how much control you have here as a modder) and making sure there's a full moon every day of the month (I'm ok with rain during the night tbh, can't have perfect conditions all the time!).

    So I guess I'm somewhere between disagreeing and agreeing. Lagom helt enkelt!
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  5. strudelpopje

    strudelpopje Kleng, beng, screng, scrape, Dylan came to rape!

    I like the fact that in SE1 it is dark when you start playing (like... 11 AM ) It makes the game more as a survival, hunting for others in the dark, lurking in the bushes waiting for others to come by or explore city's!

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