[CRIPS] alt-f4 gods??

Discussion in 'Cool story, bro.' started by Mike_Oxlong, 2012-08-28.

  1. Mike_Oxlong

    Mike_Oxlong Survivor

    After chasing down [CRIPS] Faxen and [CRIPS] Ghostfacekillah from Cherno suburbs, I finally caught up to them and gunned them both down over an acre with my ak74!
    Headshot and instakill on Faxen who alt-f4d right away.
    Ghostfacekillah got taken down and alt-f4d before death, logged in a few minutes later - alt f4d again but died before it this time.

    Real cool story :)
  2. Faxen

    Faxen Shipwrecked

    ghostfacekillah did hide my body...
  3. Faxen

    Faxen Shipwrecked

    i didn't alt-f4 truestory
  4. Mike_Oxlong

    Mike_Oxlong Survivor

    And god hid his :)
    Pays off to be a christian, true story

    PERSEPIRAATTI Shipwrecked

    [CRIPS] alt+F4 masters, saw 3 of them do it in Vybor today.
  6. Wigguli

    Wigguli Gamemaster Leaderboard Gamemaster Forum Moderator

    I can confirm that [CRIPS] seems to be a bit heavy on alt+f4. Earlier today I was roaming in Vybor with my clan mate, just after server reset. After about 30mins of waiting, we saw people approaching the city, and I started to look for a nice ambush spot. What I saw what 3 guys going inside a building. It seemed stupid enough for them to all go into a narrow corridor, so I decided to just rush them in the building. Well, after a quick one-sided firefight, one guy was down, one guy was not to be seen and one guy was at the corner, inside a room in the house. I went outside, saw the guy in the room from the window, then ceiling blocked my view of him for 0.5secs and poof, he was gone.

    That proofs nothing, of course, but what happened then does:
    I started to search around the town for the 3rd guy, not to be found. About after 10 minutes, my friend notified me that zombies re-spawned at west side of the town, where I had shot the guys. Well I went back, and TA-DAH, in the room I found 3 bodies lying on the ground. Two of them was alive, one does (as told earlier). The bodies were in one pile, as one mess, so I took out my G17 and started to execute them. I got one of them dead, then shot dead person once, and 3rd persons body... disappeared! Not trough the ground, but trough alt+f4, since I had not shot him yet.

    Say what you say [CRIPS], I have never, ever seen as arrogant alt+f4 as this. Specially not on this server. I am ashamed of you. I hope Tansien has something to say about this matter, since you guys seem to escape with alt+f4 a bit too often.
  7. I vote for the God to lay a divine punishment for the ALT+F4ers, hear hear!
  8. deetee

    deetee Hero

    Agreed, ALT + F4 is just lame, take it like a man.
  9. Fliiix

    Fliiix Scavenger

    No need for you to lie, I was in Vybor eariler today and I was insta killed when I did walk out from a room by a guy with M14, it was probably you that killed me.

    So i did NOT ALT+F4.
  10. Andrew

    Andrew Shipwrecked Leaderboard

    Well wka did it 5 mins ago in Cherno, gg guys.
  11. Doesn't this server have an anti alt f4 mechanism? forcing them in-game for 30 seconds.
  12. Mike_Oxlong

    Mike_Oxlong Survivor

    Myeah, heavily armed large groups of players using alt-f4 just "sparkles the flame" and makes other people alt-f4 aswell since they dont want to lose their gear to cheap alt-f4ers!
  13. Fliiix

    Fliiix Scavenger

    Well i have seen W.K.A memebers alt-f4 to so you should not just blame 2 of our CRIPS memebers. But what do you expect? This is a mod to session based military shooter, it's not online game designed to handle such issues from the ground up.

    But I can Agree that it is pretty lame that people use alt-f4 as a "second chance" to survive.

    And if you going to make a new thread becouse someone use alt-f4 ina fight then you will need to make plenty of them.
  14. Mike_Oxlong

    Mike_Oxlong Survivor

    I made the thread because it was a cool story, son!

    Name the members of WKA that alt f4'd and they will surely be called faggets over voip.
    Unless you are just making shit up :/
  15. well Crips are faggot alt+f4ers in my book from now on. I count everyone wearing that tag on the group of fags.
  16. Kill_Gates

    Kill_Gates Guest

    I lay my hand on the bible as I tell you this; I have never ever alt f4d since I started to play on se9. Then again I have experienced a lot of players during my time here whom have done it. I can not name any of them, but then again they do it too late nonetheless, they die before they are able to do it and therefore their corpses are forever gone.

    May God bless you all.
  17. Fliiix

    Fliiix Scavenger

    Well 60% of this "story" was bullshit.
  18. Mike_Oxlong

    Mike_Oxlong Survivor

  19. Wigguli

    Wigguli Gamemaster Leaderboard Gamemaster Forum Moderator

    There are loads of
    It was me who killed you, and it is true that you did not alt+f4, since you died as first. The other two people in the room did tho, as I explained in my earlier post. And other one of them alt+f4'd even a second time, after I shot the other one lying on the ground. There is the bug that body disappears in the alt+f4 situation, I don't report about those, but in this case people just disappeared to thin air, not underground (one of them twice).

    I have met loads of people that use alt+f4 myself as well, yes. But I refuse to do it myself in combat, no matter how dire the situation. Even if it happens in middle of the forest and I am fully geared, then it is just cause of my own carelessness that I ever got such a situation, and probably deserve that death.
  20. Soyasos

    Soyasos Scavenger

    Learn to accept death!

    WP, you guys who destroyed our car in Balota, i died but i already had broken legs while driving the car. I just wanted your attention so my other squad members could be able to see you since you were hiding the tents.

    Both X and Y survived. But we shot 3/4 of you guys! ;-) The last one ran away like a chicken

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