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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by PAR4NO1D, 2012-10-30.

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    The JSRS Sound mod doesn't just change the weapon sound files. It does much more.
    The JSRS 1.5 soundmod comes with a distance script and environmental sound changes in high quality.
    What that basically means is, that shots fired in a certain distance sound different and quieter and the mod does that in a realistic way so it sounds just awesome.
    The cracks and explosions are different and just more... "volumetric", too.
    You will be able to hear the destructiveness of the weapons with this mod! ;-)
    It improves the gameplay experience bigtime!
    How the weapons actually sound is secondary on my part. The realism and the feeling of the sourroundings is what makes this mod so awesome and important for me.
    What it NOT does is changing any gamemechanics such as weapon damage or something like that.

    Well i guess I'm so used to the JSRS mod sounds so that i can't take the vanilla sounds anymore. I always turn in the wrong direction, where the vanilla soundsystem is telling me the shots are coming from. It often sounds like shots from behind while the shooter is in front or crap like that. I don't like that.
    So all it takes really is to unlock the addon via server keys.
    Maybe on just one server with JSRS allowed, testwise.

    Thank you for reading. It's much appreciated. I hope we will get JSRS sound support into DayZero. It is such an enhancement. :-D

  2. Scar3crow

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    Do you realize that DayZero uses it's own sound pack which is, imo, very similar to JSRS?

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