ZOMBIES.NU Should Get TeamSpeak Server

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Chris11, 2012-10-30.

  1. Chris11

    Chris11 Shipwrecked

    I think the server should get a teamspeak 3 server me and my friends really like playing on this but skype is getting quite annoying with the calls always dropping because of our shitty connections.
    We would be glad to donate.
  2. Shrimpy

    Shrimpy Hero

    Your more then welcome to come use my TS3 server i have quite a few slots not getting used.

    PM me for IP and i will even make you a channel if you like.
  3. Just to pass the information along, the NA has a TS3 server open to the public with plenty of slots. Anyone is welcome to come in at any time. We have separate channels for all 4 servers and different channels for each server as well.

    ts3.xh4wk.net:9994 Come in anytime.
  4. Chris11

    Chris11 Shipwrecked

    k thanks

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