Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Corvax, 2012-10-26.

  1. Corvax

    Corvax Ace Pilot Leaderboard

    Is there even a faint chance that we can get these back in the game?, but only if the despawn timers will work for em so that they wont stay more than 3-7 days from the initial time of placing 'em.

    I for one need them back if I want to carry on with a few of my projects, We want to be able to make a few checkpoints and funnel people through elektro so we can try and make a safer city :)
    If we cant close off any small alleys or side roads it will be hard or almost impossible to secure the people inside.

    I hope you can get it to work Tansien, at least for our atm small project it would mean everything :).

    Ps. even with a 1 day despawn timer we would be happy.
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  2. Boozfob

    Boozfob Scavenger Leaderboard

    i support this ;-)
  3. Esoterick

    Esoterick Hero

    I don't mind them in the game as long as they don't just end up being used to grief players. So no blocking firestations, churches or deerstands amongst other things.
  4. Boozfob

    Boozfob Scavenger Leaderboard

    Blocking the cherno roofs would be aweomse ^^
  5. Esoterick

    Esoterick Hero

    To be fair I wouldn't mind blocking the roofs although I find the people that go up there fun for target practice.
  6. strudelpopje

    strudelpopje Kleng, beng, screng, scrape, Dylan came to rape!

    Totally agree with this idea. I'd like to be able to make my own safespot! NO FIRESTATION BLOCKING!
  7. Corvax

    Corvax Ace Pilot Leaderboard

  8. nVolteX

    nVolteX Shipwrecked

    Well, even tents were being used to block shit so....
  9. Drekkz

    Drekkz Shipwrecked

    Very good idea, it would be good to have these back! Very cool base and forts people can make with these!
  10. PanzerWulf

    PanzerWulf Hero

    I Want the back, its so hard to ambush vehicles without em!

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