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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by CAIOLOL, 2012-10-26.


    CAIOLOL Survivor

    I know it is on Panthera and that it is not even 'open' or 'playable' yet, but, instead of Panthera, why not make it a Namalsk? This new map is awesome, I love the old classic Chernarus ofc, but this new one is awesome, it is just sick, much better thn any map out there (apart from Chernarus).
    I think that map is the kind of map that people that play in ZOMBIES.NU servers would love to play. Map is not so big (more or less the size of Lingor if not mistaken), lots of military stuff, vehicles, different cloathing (warm cloathing, the map has alot of snow), in other words, ALOT of PVP, just like every single player in ZOMBIES.NU servers like (correct me if I got it wrong).

    So, why not Tensien? :-D
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  2. ErnieCool

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    Haven't played the map myself yet but seen it come by in a few streams, looks really good. So sounds like a good idea to me :)

    CAIOLOL Survivor

    SE5 Namalsk! Is it going to hapen? :-D
  4. Fake

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