Dylan's statemnt for DayZero community and his SA server tributing DayZero

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    Its Rascal beforehand saying anything, here is Dylan's statemnt i'm passing. In my judgment it is worth a try to get his perspective and his appologise for the mod Creators. From what I see all he is trying to do now is sayng sorry for the DayZero creators and the community, while trying (with putting a lot of hard work) to create a triubute server for DayZero on Standalone engine. With all that said I leave it You all with the rest to make your own judgment. Cheers boizzzz.

    Hello, This is Dylan the creator of DayZ Classic a Standalone mod based around hardcore PvP focused around the Arma 2 DayZ Mod Style Gameplay (more towards DayZero) - I created this mod under DayZOldSchool around November 2019 getting a lot of attraction from the Zombies.nu community under a different name "Heinrich" the reason for this was because I was a known banned player from that community for many wrongdoings that can be found on their websites (if posts are still up) I was banned back in 2014/early 2015 and continued to ban evade on different accounts until I stopped playing DayZ Mod/DayZ. I will give a bit more insight into the DayZOldschool mod a little over a month after I released the mod because of many reasons mainly the fact the mod was developed on a broken patch of DayZ Standalone on top of this the mod was created on a lie to hide my true identity it was bound to fail so I decided to shut the mod down and leave the DayZ Scene

    I can understand that there were a lot of people from the Zombies.nu community in the previous community and lying to everybody each day was just getting too much and out of hand and I did not want to continue a lie. I was too focused on trying to recreate the EXACT mod instead of trying to listen to the community and make something modern with nostalgia. I would like to say thank you to everybody that did assist with that community and I am sorry it ended the way it did

    There are no excuses for what I did back then and I understand people's frustration towards me, however, it has been roughly around 4/5 years since my bans and my stupidity. I am not asking for forgiveness if you cannot forgive somebody after years.... then I cannot do much to change that I have spent too many hours and tried too many times to attempt to try to change people's minds and clearly that hasn't worked in the past. When I first played DayZero mod it was truly the best experience I ever had in any custom DayZ Mod versions they truly put together something unique and the only experience I want in DayZ to this day hence DayZ Classic Mod and every other mod I have created.

    People may say why did you ruin it, why did you do the things you did? I was stupid, immature and I truly regret what I did on several occasions to that community but people can change and I feel if people could give me a chance to show that I have then maybe this can become something great in the future. I am directly writing this to the Zombies.nu (DayZero) Creators and Community as I have built up a small community on the Standalone already and some players from DayZero are apart of this. I do apologize to anybody I have caused trouble with in the past and I hope one day you can give me a chance

    Since my time away on and off I have been developing DayZ Classic as more of a hobby project recreating the best experience I could from DayZero on DayZ Standalone a more polished version of my previous mod with tons more content and a more modern mindset in terms of gameplay with a transparent community. The DayZero in our hearts will always be the best thing we played but if you go back and try to play it sure it is fun for a few hours maybe a week then it gets boring since known old trap of low pop will take a play. With DayZ Classic I am trying to create nostalgia with trying to implement new features that keep the mod refreshing and unique.

    To sum this up I am sorry once again to the Creators and Community for what I have done. I am trying to make my wrongs right and have been for years with the community. This is something I personally felt I needed to do to clear the air. I hope you can give it a chance.

    The listed mods down below are currently in and online in the mod on a first-person only server.

    Dynamic Helicopter crashes - • Animated Helicopter Crashes that fly around the map and crash in a dynamic position • Different types of helicopter crashes such as the MI8, UH1H, that spawn RU/US/UK loot tables Terrain - •

    Full RECREATION of the Chernarus map from Arma 2 • New military areas such as North East Airfield, North West Airfield, Stary Sobor • Lowered grass the reason for this is is a game balancing mechanic meaning every player has the same advantage no matter what settings they play on / performance increases for lower-end systems •No base-building - This will never be in the mod

    A2 DayZ mod Vehicles, helicopetrs and boats are in to use

    Weapon Systems - • Added M4 SBR, M16A1, M16A2, G3A3, M14, M14 DMR, G3A3, M249, MK 48 MOD, CZ550, and many more! • Removed the need for batteries for optics • Removed Suppressor Damage / Weapon Jamming • Added the old Arma 2 ACOG / DMR Scope • Weapons all have a unique weapon recoil pattern that is based on the caliber of the weapon • Shotguns now do correct damage and are very lethal close - Far range with pellets can break peoples legs but the damage is not great • Depending on the weapon they have a % to spawn with attachments on the modded guns implemented from the mod are all attachment compatible • New realistic optic sights Sounds - •

    Arma 2 ambient sounds for wind, rain, forests/fields - day/night sounds •
    Weapon bullet impacts completely revamped / grenade sounds - that sound way more realistic than the currents game -

    Medical System • Broken legs - Morphine fixes this also plays the broken leg crunch sound • Blood types removed / full blood bags spawn - medical boxes • Removal of temperature/infection rate Loot - •

    Skin packages like the DayZ Mod that contain a full clothing package such as a ghillie suit, ksk clothing (currently 7 different skins) •

    Balanced weapon system that spawns Russian weapons in military areas such as Green Mountain, Zelenogorsk - US/UK Weapons in North West/North East airfield • Supermarkets, fire stations have a separate loot table from the standard game allowing for more customization • You may go to Balota Airfield / Green Mountain and find an AK, Pistol but this is the standard in the mod high-end weapons only spawn at Helicopter Crash Sites weapons such as M4s, m16s, CZ550, AK, SVD, are the norm and is not "end game" in this mod, there are a huge variety of balanced high tier weapons that you can find at Helicopter Crash Sites. -

    Food • Cooked food such as Rabbits, Chickens provide a 15% increase of blood AND health when eaten • You can consume raw food without infection rate • No more damage/loss to food items when opening with any melee weapon Misc - • Added in Mountain Dew from Arma 2 this provides a 15% boost than normal drinks /other misc items, MRE, and such from the Arma 2 • Added realistic camo clothing / helmets / backpacks (Arma 2 Backpacks / Skins ) • Arma 2 tents/storage crate for storage (DayZ Standalone tents also included) • Cleaned GUI
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    fuck him :)
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    I've not been here in such a long time... I don't know where we are up to or what's happening but if a few of you guys want to get something going in SA i'd like to offer up a dedicated server...

    Ive smashed over 3k hours in the original iteration of the mod but if you guys remember it MyDayZ.De was a place I spent a lot of time and they ran DayZero... I want that combat style back with a fresh take on it.
  4. check out DayOne. dayz 1pp populated server with extra loot, no bases (tents instead), and nice server performance. If dayzero made a mod for SA it could be great.
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    Ive purchased a server, modded it within the region of what I remember DayZero was but as its coming towards the holiday season I am running winter livonia.

    Custom spawns with a few items like an in game map and compass, very slim chance to spawn as a hero or a bandit (gear wise not modded) added weapons and clothing with increased stamina and suppressors that don't agro zombies.

    Lighter nights with lighting in city wide zones and custom a solid build mod.

    Still in search of a better helo mod and dynamic crash sites.

    Server will at some point have an integrated whitelist and website to go along with it.
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    Dylan has released his dayzero like SA mod, with original arma 2 cherno map included so maybe u may have look at it and host it if u like
    dynamic crashes and other sexy things there fully working
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  7. eMP3Danie

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    Any idea what the mod is called or where I can find it?
  8. what is your server called?
  9. eMP3Danie

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    Its called contact-gaming and its not currently running full time, myself and a friend are working on building this right so we hope by November 1st its ready to play

    I can't find his server or his mod?! any ideas?

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