What are the main factors preventing a DayZero revival?

Discussion in 'General' started by Linus Leonard, 2019-10-10.

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    Right so heli crashes are fixed as I mentioned earlier, and grass is basically fixed. Grass is marked as an optional mod which means that you don't actually need it in order to join the server, but the server won't kick you if you put the shorter grass PBO files in your DayZ vanilla folder. So basically, the configuration I have right now is still fully vanilla compatible. This is a good thing because anyone that has DayZ mod vanilla installed could join such a server. I would have to distribute the grass files manually though, but it's a 3kb download so that can be done via e.g. Discord or even Dropbox.

    Biggest blocker right now is the weapons. The DayZero client files that contains the weapon definitions are obfuscated somehow (no idea how they pulled that off), so I can't actually see the names of the weapons, the name of the weapons pack, nor the spawn rates. If/when I get hold of at least the name of the weapons pack, I can start incorporating them into the loot tables. However I can confirm that the list of weapons at the wiki https://dayz.gamepedia.com/Mod:Weapons is basically correct. The attachments column is very outdated though (e.g. attaching a 9mil silencer to a PDW isn't possible, but attaching a CCO on an M14 is certainly possible).

    Here's the kicker though: as soon as I incorporate new weapons, the mod is no longer vanilla compatible. New weapons = we're in the distribute-special-client-files territory, instead of just relying on the Steam click-and-play version of the mod and the implicit infrastructure and scaffolding that's already in place. And as soon as this attempt at a mod goes non-vanilla, well there goes any chance of getting new non-DayZero players stumbling into the server unless the server is heavily advertised somehow. I'm not against advertising per se, it's just that I know how often those kinds of initiatives just dies off completely. How many times haven't we seen that before? A server becomes overhyped, admins/devs either get megalomania or just croaks under the pressure, and the server and community dies off. I'm more partial to slow-burn, steady as she goes, ya know?
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    I'd play
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  4. no need spend money on advertisement. worst case scenario use vanilla weapons pack, with short grass and all the other points i metioned before. would be enough. and who knows, maybe a dayzero substitute like this might entice tansien to reopen se1 or give some files.
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    I'm planning on making two servers that I'll call EU1 and EU2. Initially they will both be exactly the same, i.e. vanilla-compatible, but when I include the weapons pack I'll only do it for EU1. So EU1 will be the non-vanilla DayZero substitute, whereas EU2 will stay vanilla-compatible. The non-DayZero 1PP crowd (at least what's left of it) that stumbles upon EU2 will by virtue of the server name quickly realize that there is also an EU1, and will hopefully become curious to try it out. I can add a few in-game admin messages on EU2 that pops up now and again, advertising where to get the non-vanilla files for EU1.

    Hopefully I can have the two vanilla-compatible servers up and running within the next 24 hours. I'm pretty satisfied with the current configuration, just a few smaller things left to do.
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  6. DayZero weapon classnames are public you need to download them before you run the game as that is when the loader obfuscates them. In terms of grass you can also force the server to have the exact same grass on the classname like the mod DayZero uses http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=6628 without needing mods.

    You can import the GUI from DayZero into DayZ Mod vanilla without needing any mods also

    "However, POIs are either all active or all disabled, and half of them really REALLY sucks, and screws up the natural south-east to north-west game loop that I believe is fucking integral to what made DayZ mod so extremely successful. In order to activate only some of the POIs, you'd have to resort to modding. That part is pretty easy though, I've done that in the past, but as soon as you deviate from vanilla with modding of this nature, then you can't utilize the existing infrastructure (i.e. just download dayz mod from steam and find the server), you'd have to distribute the client files either with your own launcher like DayZero did, or through DZLauncher. So it's basically more work."

    Is entirely not true you can add POIs server side without client mods, however, roads will not be possible hence why DayZeroChernarus exists.

    You can also import a lot of the DayZero code into the client with without with simple development that takes 10 minutes (overwrite the init inside of mission and redirect to your own modified.)

    Also you can create custom weapon damages, and configs via the server by using the weapons model same without mods.

    Changing the gear menu is not possible without modifying the server.exe and hooking the overrwrite class function to prevent it, however, client will still need to update.

    In regards to the medical system you can modify what you want via the mission without requiring a mod.
    I would suggest taking a look into the following files below inside of your DayZ Mod directory and remove the code that you would need such as Sepsis, Temperature.

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    pls add dayzero running sound or riot :F

    I cant play till the end of next week, maybe better polish things up a little and make some announcement with some heads up earlier than start so the word could spread around the dayzero community ?
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    Thanks for the information WilliamBaker, really appreciate it. Got some follow up questions for you:

    I think this is the most important bit. I know (roughly) how to rewrite the mission files and redirect it to my own modified code in the missions file, that's how I've changed the loot tables in my current config to remove trash loot and increase spawn rates of NVgoggles and whatnot. However, importing the DayZero code in this way requires me to actually have the DayZero code in an un-obfuscated state, true? The code I got through the DayZero launcher is obfuscated when I unpack the pbo files. Do you know the exact steps to get hold of the un-obfuscated code, or how to un-obfuscate the obfuscated code?

    Getting hold of the un-obfuscated code should also be a big step towards solving weapons. I'm not sure I entirely understand how to download the weapon classnames before the game runs as you mentioned, but I may figure it out eventually. Let's say I figure it out somehow, what about the battleye filters? New weapons requires new battleye filters, true? BE filters are quite the mystery to me, I can't make sense of them like... at all.

    Regarding grass, do you happen to know if, and more importantly how to force the server to have the same grass without modding the client files so that clients won't have to download the short grass pbo? I haven't found a way yet. I mean it's relatively easy to create a brand new mod and require all clients to download a new set of client files, including the grass. That's the route I'll have to go sooner or later anyway, so it will happen at some point. But until then I'd like to see what is possible to do without modding.
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    It's a good point, but I have to do a soft launch anyway to stress test the server hardware and the network infrastructure. Would suck to first generate lots of hype and then have the hardware starting to buckle under the pressure.

    Besides, as you said before, there's loads of little things that made DayZero unique, and I'm like 100% sure that all of you will be able to remember and enumerate the most important differences once you actually start playing again. If I postpone the launch until most known differences are enumerated and incorporated into the server, I'm afraid it will be many many months before launch.

    One of those little things is sepsis that WilliamBaker mentioned. I can't remember how many diseases there were in DayZero, if any, and how you cured them, but I do know that infection/sepsis is pretty darn common in vanilla (which is why I've upped the antibiotics spawn rate). The water/drinking system is especially cringe:y in terms of infection... it's developed in the wierdest way possible and requires pretty big changes to revert to the state of DayZero and DayZ vanilla pre version 1.8 which I believe was the version that introduced all this unneccessary cruft.

    So the plan is to start up a Discord and make a channel specifically for suggestions how to improve the vanilla experience so that it more resembles DayZero. I won't fix all suggestions, because that will take many months and I simply do not have the time. I will however try to fix the most important issues. And of course, if I can get hold of the actual DayZero server files, I'll just ditch the EU1 server in favor of the pure DayZero server files.
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    There were no diseases in DayZero, keeping my fingers crossed.
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    Lol, good, that gives me a reason to try and remove as much as possible of all this weird infection code. One would think that if you fill a bottle from an infected water source, it would be the infected water source that decides how likely it is that your bottle contains infected water. But no, it's **the bottle** that decides it. Which, in turn, has this little amusing side-effect: In vanilla dayz right now, there's a 3% risk of infection when using your hands to drink from a water pump, but when you use a bottle **from the same pump**, the risk increases to 30%.
  12. If you want to make the process faster I've uploaded a full version of removed medical system + old blood bags with full DayZero GUI without gear and tons of changes that DayZero have + DayZero un obfuscated dayzero_code, enjoy

    Files down below is basically what you want they code is messy but it is plug and play

    This code also removes all infections, temperatures.

    In regards to grass there would be a "ghetto" method in coding terms that you can do to lower the grass server side if the player is in range of classname you could lower it.

    I would recommend reading this - https://github.com/AsYetUntitled/Framework/wiki/BattlEye-Filters in terms of these they are needed and you can find them for the 1.9.0 DayZ Mod. Another reason you would want these is for script kiddies though that is probably unlikely to happen.


    Or there could be an alternative to what you want and that would be doing this on the Dayz Epoch mod instead of 1.9.0 as more use the DZSALauncher than the default Steam Application for DayZ Mod so this would be more population and DayZ Epoch uses the grass mod already included in the mod and you can even add Overwatch to it that some DayZero weapons are included in and configure them. I would suggest this unless Tansien provides DayZero files because the odds of people downloading files an the population being anything higher than some dayzero players playing will be little to none. Remove the basebuilding, traders from it then work on that.

    And if you look at the number DayZ Epoch servers get - http://dz.launcher.eu/stats you can see you will have way more "advertisement" being on that loader even if it not an epoch server you will still be using the mod so it will display as one.
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    Thank you very much for the files, really appreciate it!

    Disabling temperature and enabling the old blood bag system is already possible in vanilla, just set a couple of variables to true/false and you're basically good to go. The "classic" blood bag system, as they call it, unfortunately enables self-bloodbagging, but I've managed disabled that. Infectious ponds can also be disabled, but I'm not sure yet if that disables all infection (e.g. from being hit by zombies and filling water bottles from pumps)

    I thought about going with Epoch initially. Elected not to since it seems to be very taxing on the servers. Overpoch is especially bad, it starts desyncing heavily after like 90 minutes, so 2 hour restart schedule is required. However, there are way more scripts for Epoch and Overpoch that you could just plug and play, so in terms of functionality out of the box it may be a better choice. I'll look into that in the near future.

    As long as the mod is vanilla compatible it'll be possible to launch it using both Steam and DZLauncher. Going with Epoch you'd have to go with DZLauncher only. And as soon as you deviate from Epoch compatible, you'd have to register your own mod with DZLauncher.
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  14. Disable temperature and enabling the old blood bag system is already possible in vanilla, just set a couple of variables to true/false and you're basically good to go. The "classic" blood bag system, as they call it, unfortunately enables self-bloodbagging, but I've managed disabled that.

    Maybe temperature works but the classic blood bag system doesn't do what you want it to do if you look at the code ;-) the github link above I have made it do that.

    Here enjoy I did not include this as I did not do this inside of that mission but you here is the code to overwrite to remove that self blood bag - https://pastebin.com/9QwWHj57

    (edit, nvm I read your post well if anyone wants it, it is above :-D)
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    According to my testing it does seem to work. What specifically is broken?
  16. If you enable dayz_classicBloodBagSystem this only allows you to have ItemBloodbag, blood types still exist and cause issues when saving playerdata on the server when a player logs out and in again there was a comment somewhere inside of a script file that explained it was not fully working same with the temperature.

    And most common overpoch servers do desync because they have 10000 custom scripts to develop something like DayZero would run more than fine on that if you have good server hardware.

    The mission file above removes all the zombie hit stuff also it has everything you need :)
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    Interesting. I'll take another look at this then.

    Good stuff! I'll compare it with what I've got right now and see what I can port easily.
  18. If you upload your mission I can do this for you quickly it won't take more than 10 minutes.
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    Thank you for the offer :) however, I've already applied the bloodbag fixes to my mission code and I'm about to test it now. If i understand correctly, one needs to set dayz_classicBloodBagSystem = false to use these bloodbag fixes, right? I've (obviously) been running dayz_classicBloodBagSystem = true thus far.
  20. Would you not need your own dayz launcher if it removes from vanilla? Dayzero had a dayzero launcher.....

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