What are the main factors preventing a DayZero revival?

Discussion in 'General' started by Linus Leonard, 2019-10-10.

  1. Linus Leonard

    Linus Leonard Scavenger

    Hello all,

    I haven't been here for quite a while, and I'm having a bit of trouble sifting through the threads to find an answer as to which are the main factors that prevents a DayZero revival. Is it:
    • Lack of funding
    • Lack of hardware
    • Lack of devs
    • Lack of mods
    • Lack of players
    • Too many script kiddies
    • All of the above
    Or anything else? Since there are no other DayZero-like servers "out there", I'm guessing the server binaries and configurations aren't publically available, true?

  2. Croc

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    Dead game. Only PUBG atm
  3. Linus Leonard

    Linus Leonard Scavenger

    Well of course it's dead. I wouldn't have asked about how to revive it if it wasn't dead.
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  4. Lack of interest from Tansien. Thats all.
    We had another nearly promissed revive some months ago if we get some money for it, founded like 200 or 300$ (dont remeber the ammount) in days and still got nothing.
    Tansien said he will refund the money and try to do the revive some weeks later when he has more time, but i guess that is the last word i heard from him.
    (I dont know if he did refund the money, i wasnt here for the crowdfunding and just came back when he said already he will not revive the server now)
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  5. Please Tansien, make it happen :-( or let somebody else make it happen!
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  6. dayz standalone sucks so much balls, only thing it has going for it is graphics and performance. Lets be real here, dayzero standalone is not gonna happen, the base game sucks too much. Just bring back the arma 2 version, even if just for 1 month only. I cannot find 1 game that replaces this open world pvp experience.

    Tansien you probably dont have the time, with family or work or whatever fills your time, which is 100% understandable. But you have us by the balls now, your a mighty god, now give us a little gift!

    Tansien, if nothing is gonna change just take up @rscl offer and let him work his polish magic. All he would want to do is maintain status quo, no new changes, nothing crazy, just good old arma 2 dayz untill the pop dies again. If you dont have the time, just let an other maintain the server, whilst you keep all rights to the project.

    its been a few years now, time for a little treat.
  7. celld

    celld Iron Warrior Chief of Sarcasm

    Man I hope this shit gets revived as soon as possible. Standalone is trash, battle royales are super played-out and only offer so much. Escape from Tarkov is a good game but it's nowhere near as good as DayZ mod. Being able to do whatever you wanted in whatever amount of time you wanted, the buzz of killing someone with insane gear isn't comparable in any other game. Miss it. Bring it back.
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  8. I mean it's obvious Tansien is too busy (think he might be in japan?) to bring the server back. So our only hope is if someone else runs a server with the dayzero files. But this would need Tansiens blessing and someone who knows how to set up a server for a modded game. few months back the few people who actually come to this forum raised around £200, which should be enough to fund a server for atleast a few months. In reality we need Tansien or one of the other mods to back the idea, so untill any concrete reply from one of these the game shall remain dead...
  9. Linus Leonard

    Linus Leonard Scavenger

    Setting up a DayZ vanilla server is not difficult. I've got scripts for it, and I can deploy a 1PP DayZ vanilla server with automatic 3 hour restarts and a varied day-night cycle and have it up and running in less than 30 minutes, accessible to most of Europe with ping below prolly 150. Also, I've got the actual server hardware to run 2 DayZ servers (actually 4 in a few months), and even at full load, the electrical bill wouldn't even make a dent in my wallet, so yeah, my treat (but I would appreciate donations anyway of course). Also, I've got the bandwith for probably two full servers, but it would have to be load tested. I know DayZ is pretty heavy on the bandwith usage. Hosting 4 servers would require a bandwidth upgrade, and then I'd have to start asking for donations for sure.

    So it kinda comes down to this:

    Number 1 issue is naturally the latest server and client files, including the BE filters and mission files. Without them, nobody can revive DayZero even if they had the skillz.

    Number 2 issue would be the lack of know-how with regards to anything that is required that significantly deviates from a standard DayZ vanilla server. Since the server files aren't public, I can't even begin to determine if there's something extra required besides e.g. BEC and MySQL.

    Number 3 issue is that even if the server files were released and I would host them, it wouldn't be connected to the zombies.nu/DayZero community per se, because that would require admin access to this website. Also, it's been a while so I can't remember if DayZero was ever not whitelisted, but if we can't get a hold of the actual whitelist (the list with allowed and banned guids), well, then anybody with the client files could connect. I can most likely hack up some new whitelist procedure and connect it to e.g. a Discord bot account, but that would again not be DayZero/Zombies.nu, it would be a separate thing. And I would run the show, and there would probably be a slightly different ruleset (mostly just less rules).

    Number 4 issue is sorta connected to the whitelist issue. Whitelisting is good, but it's also bad, because anybody who's blacklisted/denied will potentially start DDoSing the server. My skills are lacking here, I don't know how to protect a DayZ server from those kinds of attacks.

    Number 5 issue would be the client file distribution. Not a huge issue, but would still be different compared to what we're used to. There would be no launcher. It may be possible to register the mod with DZLauncher though, and use that infrastructure for downloading and launching the game. However I'm not sure at this point how stuff is actually hosted when downloading through DZLauncher.

    Number 6 issue would be the lack of devs. I've dabbled a bit in DayZ modding, but I'm certainly no expert. Although I'm sure we could probably coax some of the currently active devs that run DayZ comminutes (e.g. /u/helpthedeadwalk on Reddit) into helping us, I'm not sure if they could diagnose the current state of DayZero and administer a cure if needed. Speaking of which, does anybody remember what state the latest version was left in? I seem to recall there was an issue with storage containers and tents that jumped a few inches upwards every restart. Was that bug ever fixed? Are there other glaring issues? If there are no issues, then we don't need no devs.

    Number 7 issue would perhaps be a lack of moderators. I do need to sleep you know. I don't see it as an issue with moderating e.g. a forum, let people shit-talk and use whatever epitets they feel is necessary. However, something needs to be developed so that a few trusted moderators can access whatever admin tools were necessary to banhammer people, and restart the server remotely if I'm not around.
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  10. yh, you obviously know what you are talking about which is great. We need someone like you to host this game, but if i was to just dumb it down to simple terms.... You need dayzero files that change arma 2 dayz mod to dayzero, you need mods/admins, donations would be welcome, need access to whitelist.

    Only Tansien or mods can talk to you about the files you need, but you seem committed so lets hope they actually reply.

    mods/admins shouldnt be an issue, there are quite a few dependable players that im sure wouldnt mind chipping in for the limited time server would be up.

    Donations dont think u need to stress about, hundred or so quid can be easilly raised for good Samaritans like yourself. I guess the only worry would be that your Dylan in disguise looking to get a few quid?........

    No idea about whitelist access (need admin), but i do know that all the guys who were once banned got unbanned to keep the pop alive, mistake or not this what happened towards the end of server life.

    With regards to bugs, dont stress it, the game probably would only last a few months no need to add more stuff, old dayzero was great a few little bugs wont ruin the intense pvp.

    Im sure the game could last a month or so or maybe more, so heres hoping that Tanisen or someone else with insight replies.
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  11. Linus Leonard

    Linus Leonard Scavenger

    Heh... Dylan... :-D

    I work as an IT consultant, which is why I have the hardware and the bandwidth, and which is also why I don't actually need any donations unless I have to upgrade the connection beyond the current 100mbit, because going up to e.g. 250 mbits gets ridiculously expensive. But afaik it should be possible to fit 2 servers into 100mbit, and if we're only talking one server to begin with then it should be more than enough.

    We would have to stress test it though, and the only way I know of doing that is to gather a bunch of players and hop on at the same time. If I could get hold of all the files needed, then the stress test is the absolute first order of business. We all need to gather in Cherno and run around like fucking crazy to see how bad the desync is. Hopefully the city fiber network I'm connected to will hold. I've rarely noticed any network saturation though so I think it should be fine, but no guarantees until we actually try. I remember a couple of years back that a nearby switch broke because literally half the city was trying to watch something on Netflix/HBO or whatever.

    Sounds like the rest of the stuff will work itself out if we can get this stuff up and running in the first place

    So the big question is how protective Tansien is with what amounts to his intellectual property. For my own part, I can sign an NDA contract or whatever to stipulate to not release the server binaries to the public, and whatever other details would be necessary. I'll sign it with blood, and I'll be completely upfront with whatever details he feel is necessary. I believe Tansien is also Swedish, no? I run a one-man IT consultancy firm in Stockholm, and given the swedish bureaucratic apparatus there's plenty of information about all companies and who runs them, so that should be enough to at least prove that I'm not Dylan lol :p
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  12. ahh shit. you are giving me too much hope, this will all end in tears i just know it! best we can do now is sit and wait and hope and admin or tanisen replies. If stuff starts moving, i can help out and also know a few guys who would happily help.
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  13. Linus Leonard

    Linus Leonard Scavenger

    We can never lose hope my friend!

    Literally the only other option would be to "start from scratch" and create our own mod that is DayZero-like. Basically you take DayZ vanilla in its current form, and change it so that it resembles DayZero. There's some stuff you can change without even modding the server files, i.e. you can stay with the current vanilla version (1.9.0 QF2) and then change e.g. item spawn rates, zombie strength and max number of zombies... and you should be able to switch to the old non-blood type bloodbag system, and some other minor stuff. It's also possible to effectively disable the ridiculous vanilla base building through database scripting (i've done this in the past, got all the scripts for it). Anything beyond that and we're talking actual modding.

    DayZero is PVP-focused, so weapons are really important. I can no longer recall what the difference was between DayZero weapon selection and what's currently in vanilla. For instance, I don't think the Lapua is in vanilla, but it was/is in DayZero, right? We would need to list all known DayZero weapons, and compare it to whatever is in vanilla, and see if it's acceptable. If we're talking about different sets of weapons, then we're in modding territory, and adding weapons is where my skillset is totally lacking.

    Also, vanilla doesn't have crates. It does have the upgradeable stashes though, but they're a bit more bulky and it's very difficult to hide them properly compared to crates. I for one don't actually mind that. The standard camo tent, the dome tent, and the stashes work just fine for me. But I could certainly understand if the crates are a must have for the DayZero crowd. Crates require modding.

    Other stuff that would require modding is inventory interface. Can't remember what was in DayZero, but going with vanilla mod one would have to accept the "new" vanilla interface. I think it's fine, you get used to it, although I prefer the good old Arma 2 interface.

    Map additions can sorta be done without modding to some extent, but it's very time consuming and it puts extra strain on the server. Vanilla DayZ has POIs, points of interest, which if activated adds i think 10 or so new areas around the map. For instance, DayZero had the military camp near NEAF. Vanilla POIs extends NEAF with a barracks on the east end, and a downed Antonov and a firestation on the west end. So it wouldn't be DayZero, but it would be somewhat similar in terms of there-be-guns-here!

    However, POIs are either all active or all disabled, and half of them really REALLY sucks, and screws up the natural south-east to north-west game loop that I believe is fucking integral to what made DayZ mod so extremely successful. In order to activate only some of the POIs, you'd have to resort to modding. That part is pretty easy though, I've done that in the past, but as soon as you deviate from vanilla with modding of this nature, then you can't utilize the existing infrastructure (i.e. just download dayz mod from steam and find the server), you'd have to distribute the client files either with your own launcher like DayZero did, or through DZLauncher. So it's basically more work.

    Edit: oh and it's also easy to change the total number of vehicles, and also how many of each vehicle should spawn. If you want 100 hueys and nothing else, that's possible without modding. However, if there were vechiles in DayZero that isn't in current vanilla, then you have to mod, and agan, I don't know how to do that. But I believe the DayZero vehicles and current vanilla vehicles are roughly equal.
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  14. the thing is dayzero had so many little changes that made it stand out from the rest. it would take so much time to start from scratch, and by the time its anywhere near the old standard its likely the server would die. It would be too much work when the files we need are gathering dust in Tansien's loft...

    Worst case scenario u take vanilla, remove all base building, add the dayzero weapons pack (was a dlc i believe?), make all grass on map short (this is a must) and add the dynamic helicopter crashes. Although this wont be as good as old dayzero, it will fill a hole for many players who need some dayz fix
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  15. Linus Leonard

    Linus Leonard Scavenger

    Yes, to make it identical is probably many months of work. I checked yesterday, and apparently the DayZero launcher and client file download still works, and the client files I downloaded should make it possible to at least have sort of a reference of the most important changes and how they were made. This means I can check e.g. the DayZero weapons loadout and compare it to current vanilla to see what's missing. I know that vanilla has a similar attachment system to that of DayZero, so there's would be no real need to include like 5-6 versions of the M4A1, it's in there already.

    I've also took some time to experiment with customizing vanilla yesterday, and I think I have found a way around some of the limitations I mentioned earlier. I can now, without any actual modding, activate individual POIs, and I _think_ I can even change the spawn rates of individual items and remove the unneccessary clutter that spawns (like razors and empty soda cans). And since I have the client files from DayZero, it MAY be possible to recreate the unique areas such as the tent camp near NEAF.

    The dynamic helicopter crashes, do you mean the standard non-player-interaction crashes, or do you mean the ones where you actually shoot down the helicopter? The former is already in vanilla, and I'm pretty sure I can control how many that spawns and when they spawn. The latter is... well... probably more difficult.

    Regarding grass, yes, this is something I'm looking into during the day today. I know that was one of the core features in DayZero, and although I actually don't mind the vanilla grass that much, since the grass files are contained within the client files that can be downloaded then maybe I can figure out a way of scripting it in there.

    Was there any other stuff that you would consider core to the DayZero experience? Vanilla already has the enterable DayZero buildings for instance (like the other enterable barracks with bunkbeds), I don't know how that happened but it seems the vanilla team got permissions to use them. They all seem to spawn loot except a residential with a staircase in the middle.

    One thing that I'm also gonna look into is the night time ambient audio. The vanilla audio is fine, but nothing beats that owl in the background during night. Adds alot to the experience.
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  16. having short grass is a must, it wont feel like dayzero without. And yh dynamic helicopter crashes as in u hear chopper flying, then hear it explode. Very important to have this as when server is low pop, these heli attract players and create interesting pvp. Dayzero also edited the sound, so sound travel much further, this is important as increases pvp on a large map. Dayzero had a completly different weapon pack to vanilla, better sounds and better sights. red dot, acog, all different to vanilla and much better. Think they edited the night as well, so not as dark as vanilla, hence "Greyzero" evening combat. There was the killstreak icon that increased when studying body - but this isnt going to make or break the game.

    Thing is when you get down to it, there are just lots of small changes to base game, but put all together made the best mod out there. If you were able to have the same weapon pack, short grass, dynamic helis ... this would be enough for most people and if pop was to maintain you could always improve minor aspects at a later date.
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  17. Oh! dont forgot the breathing, vanilla breathing is very annoying, too loud and heavy, sounds small but becomes a real iritance, especially with female character.
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  18. Linus Leonard

    Linus Leonard Scavenger

    Running vanilla completely without grass is pretty easy it seems, just a server setting. However, everything looks like a pool table so yeah... but it's definitely a fallback plan if I can't get the grass mod to work. I see what mod was used for it, it's this one: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=6628, so if I can call this from the MP mission scripts then we should be good to go on that part. It's a client side fix so I don't really see why it would require to be server side like in DayZero.

    Here's supposedly the list of the vanilla mod weapons. https://dayz.gamepedia.com/Mod:Weapons
    I'm having a hard time interpreting the DayZero client files, but as far as I can tell, the HK216 is one of those DayZero weapons not present in vanilla. But you've got some other 5.56 weapons in vanilla so I dunno how important that weapon is. Also, even though the wiki above says the Lapua should be in vanilla, I haven't actually found it in the loot tables yet. Btw, were the AS50 and the M107 ever in DayZero? They were removed from vanilla in 2014 I think.

    There are alot of different attachments in vanilla, red dots, acogs, aimpoints, kobra, pso, silencers for 9mil, 5.56, and 5.45, all kinds of stuff. I think vanilla sorta catched up with DayZero in that regard. Both US, RU and BR weapons are modifiable in several ways.

    Night time I believe is just standard Arma 2 full moon. It's super easy to set, you just change the ingame date in one of the server files to a date when there was full moon IRL and that's it. I wasn't really a fan of full moon, I think half-moon and 2/3rds looked way better, but I certainly understand why it is important for a more PVP centric community. Also, people liked night time because it made the zombies less of a nuisanse or something like that? Did it change their aggro range or something like that?

    Heli crash sounds. I'll see if it's possible without tearing apart the whole thing. The heli crash event is defined in the server pbo file, which can be edited without changing the vanilla client, so that's good. However, I'm not sure if it's also possible to broadcast an audio file to all players when it happens. I'll see if I can find a way, because yeah, I understand that this is very important for PVP encounters.

    There are three types of heli crashes in vanilla, one RU, one US, one BR, with their respective types of weapons. All of them can also drop medical supplies. Vanilla loot tables for crash sites needs some severe tweaking, I don't think I've ever seen vanilla crash sites spawn e.g. the M14 or DMR (my personal favorite combo). There's like a ridiculously low spawn rate on them. Another annoying thing about the vanilla heli crashes is that whenever a crash spawns, every player gets like a half second lag. :p

    Sound travel distance, no idea how to change that, have to research it.

    I saw earlier today that there were some breathing audio files and I was like... wtf would you change that, but now that you mention it, in 1PP the breathing is pretty heavy :)
  19. never played vanilla after dayzero, it just didnt compare. so maybe u right and guns r fine now. yh night time agro was less, could sneak around more. and helis, dayzero had chinook (GER) g56 acog and some funky lmg, merlin (GB) l85 acog, black hawk (USA) m24 m249 saw, hind (RU) svd pkm ak 101. Think on the allies crashes (USA & GB) had chance of m14, m24, m40a1. obviously on all crashes had chance of rangefinder, acogs, night vision, and specific camos for each nation.

    So it seems you are putting time in to actually maybe host something, hopefully someone with actually insight into the servers will help you out cos i know fuck all except many played hours.

    Dayzero never had 50cal snipers. best gun to get was m14 acog (aka DMR), cz 550, m24 or m40a1, or the legendary SVD. And this was good, 50 cal snipers r not needed lel.
  20. Linus Leonard

    Linus Leonard Scavenger

    Well, I've got the heli crashes sorta nailed down at least. My first choice was to try and spawn a sound source that would play an explosion audio clip when a heli crash spawned. Couldn't figure out how. My second choice was to spawn a satchel carge in the crashed heli and make it explode. Couldn't figure that out either. But then, after finding a 7 year old script, I managed to figure out how to spawn an actual Huey like 50 ft in the air that drops down and explodes just above where the heli crash will spawn. And then quickly remove the Huey and put the crashed heli on the ground. It works, but man would this be a lot easier if I just had the actual DayZero server files and database scripts... :p
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