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  1. Hey ZNU comrades.


    To give you some context on this subject, here is some reading.
    As most of you probably know, there was this mod for DayZ Standalone, DZOldschool created by a german guy named Heinrich Walker.
    He came out of nowhere, with no relations to the DayZero community what so ever, and wanted to create this mod for Standalone, with the same experience, atmosphere and cool fights as DayZero had.
    A random unknown guy contacted Krunk, rawryy & BreaK about this, and things started to escalade. Some DayZero people got dragged into it, in hopes of great experiences to come.

    Heinrich was very passive aggressive and acted childish at times. After a few weeks Heinrich closed down discord & game server in rage. To me personally, Heinrich was very fishy from the get go, only to become worse the next days.

    The same night, he started to work on a Arma 2 Mod, with the same principles as his SA mod - a DayZero replica. This mod is supposedly already playable after 48 hours in the making, which raised a few worries.
    He started to post some screenshots of him being in-game in this new a2 mod - and here i got VERY suspicious of Heinrich. Something is not right with this guy, which lead me to the next phase of all this, the investigation.

    I have made a compilation of screenshots and will now describe each screenshot as I see it.


    Zombie / Player Kills Icons:
    I found a video of the mod Dylan created back in 2015, DayZ Purge. These zombie / player kills icons is represented in the right side of the UI. Those 2 icons, is EXACTLY the same as the first screenshot Heinrich posted of his new A2 mod.
    Maybe those icons were common in the old days? After an hour search, I could not find a single mod that had those 2 icons, except DayZ Purge.
    I contacted a few A2 DayZ players and asked if they could remember these icons, and no one had never seen them.

    Is he german?:
    I didn't have much to back this theory up, but I know Dylan before has pretended to be from countries he is not, and I decided then to dig a bit. I made RaoulDuke contact Heinrich on steam, and this was done in deutsch.
    After a few sentences Raoul raised his suspicion, and could in the end confirm that Heinrich is not native german. His deutsch seems google translated.
    As i wanted more confirmation on this subject, i asked Metzger & Raouls friend, and they both confirmed, that NO native german would write like he did.
    Why would anyone make such a silly lie?...

    DayZero fanatic - Came out of nowhere:
    As said previously, Heinrich came out of nowhere and wanted to create a DayZero replica. I know for a fact, Dylan LOVE to play with/against DayZero players, and is eager to do so. Funny enough, majority of his "community" is DayZero. Even tho the guy has no relations to DayZero community what so ever. No one knows him.

    New Twitch Account & Steam:
    His twitch account is from 14/07-19 and his Steam is from 15/02-18. Odd?

    Anyway, my conclusion is, Heinrich is Dylan.

    - 12 hours later, after I published my theory, Heinrich decided to close down his website, with the text "Bye. Lol".
    - He deleted people from his Steam, changed Steam account name & Steam nick name.
    - Dylan was banned for hacking from a Arma 2 DayZ server July 2018. This Steam account is the same one Heinrich used.

    Be aware for the future:
    People who have registered themselves on his website, using their real email & normal passwords. Please change your passwords. That is, if you use the same password as you do on most of your online services.
    Also be aware of any incoming emails with weird looking links. Think twice before opening them.

    Best regards,
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  2. rscl

    rscl Wastelander Leaderboard

    top kek u destroyed my dreams for dayzero replica :p FUUUUUUUUUUUUUU xD
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  3. chuck88

    chuck88 Scavenger Leaderboard

    About the passwords, dont worry. Im too smart and already know when i registered to not use a password i commonly use :p
  4. papsh

    papsh Pig Shooter Leaderboard

    Well i dont know if this guy is Dylan. His behavior was normal and kind towards everything. His actions was kinda weird though (he closed the forum /dayz purge icons etc) but that doesnt mean its him. Oooh well even if it was him i dont really care, he did a really good job fooling alot of us and he also did some good modding. A DayZero comeback was a dream anyways....
  5. I can add to all the above, that Dylan got banned from an Arma 2 DayZ server july last year, for hacking.
    Fun fact, the account Dylan was using, is the one Heinrich used :-D.
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  6. Damn, I was looking forward to trying that server this weekend.
    Reached out to some of the old gang, they seemed interested too.
    And now it's gone....

    Anything else we've tried in SA is pure garbage, not sure how much modding can do to fix SA.
    So we've been sticking to Tarkov, as we simply cannot find anything to scratch that itch DayZero left.
    Been honestly thinking about going back to A2 DayzMod, but last time was a bitter experience cos of cheaters.

    Anybody got anything to recommend? Doesn't seem like DayZero is coming back to live, altho the fact I keep seeing some of the old faces here commenting on a regular basis suggests we would have plenty to fill up a server if it ever came back. =/
  7. Detective Katulen, you should get a hobby.
  8. Try the standalone server called "The Sanctuary 1PP HC Survival", it's the closest I can find to DayZero.

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