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Discussion in 'General' started by katulen, 2019-06-21.

  1. So, i've been harassing Tansien a lot the last month, to get him to put up DayZero for us again. Last night i offered him €200 which included 1 month of server hosting, to put up the server, and then I would fund 100% of the server costs every additional month. He replied to me today, saying:

    "I'll activate the donation thingy on after midsummer
    I'll set the goal for 200 euro, and if it reaches that, we'll do one month of dayzero summer".


    From what i've heard, midsummer is apparently TODAY, which means we need to hit the goal tonight or early morning tomorrow.
    However, he didn't quite agree to my proposition, and I feel paying €200 alone, for 1 month is a bit to much. If he agreed to my deal, where I was allowed to keep up the server for additional months, as long as I payed the server cost, I would do this in a heartbeat. I did ask him about it afterwards once again, however he has not replied yet.
    I would have no issue donating the majority of the goal, however I feel like the €200, for 1 month is a bit to much, if it's only me.
    So, i'm interested in knowing, how many of you would be interested and willingly to donate something towards 1 month of summer DayZero to see whats the reality is.

    The donation goal is active on now.

    Best regards,
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  2. rscl

    rscl Wastelander Leaderboard

    I will chip in!
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  3. Well done guys. We made it. €200/€200, 100% done. Much appreciated everyone.

    I let @Tansien know that we hit goal target. I assume he himself, will let us know when to expect server to be up.
    Keep an eye out here or discord boys.
  4. Rawryy

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  5. Ravelle

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    FUCK YES, i missed the donation being open (it seems to have closed now) but I'm so ready!
  6. noob
  7. rscl

    rscl Wastelander Leaderboard

    cant deny that :)
  8. So, I had a chat with Tansien last night regarding the revival.
    He wasn't able to get the server up this weekend. And due to 5 upcoming busy weekdays, he decided to refund the donations that was made, since he didn't want to have money hanging over his head.

    He promised me, that he would look more into it next weekend. And if he would get it working he would let me know, so we once again could donate to support. He said, that it's possible to get it working, it's just a matter of time that is needed to make it work.
    With that said, it is not certain it will come up.

    I don't know about you guys, and I might just speak for myself here. But for me, there is no other good games out there, and I really miss playing DayZero, which for sure is the best game i've ever played, and I want it back.

    I've been nagging Tansien every day for the last 30 days, and I don't have plans on stopping now. So I want to make sure he has an idea of how many people that actually have interest in playing, and I hope you guys will help me out. I know at christmas there was 100 likes of Tansiens christmas revival tweet, and I hope to get around that number again or even beyond it.

    In that case, I have made a strawpoll which I hope you guys will take part in. Please be so kind to share it with your mates that you know that wants to play DayZero as well.

    Remember, we ain't getting DayZero elsewhere, this is it !

    It is very much appreciated, thank you.

    I hope to see you all on the server very soon.
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  9. thank you dude ! :)
  10. Well the hype was pretty short lived
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  11. ??
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