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Discussion in 'General' started by chuck88, 2019-01-05.

  1. chuck88

    chuck88 Scavenger Leaderboard

    Hey guys I have a perfect idea for a great server,every server right now has traders and basebuilding. lets start off with the basics.

    80 to 100 slot
    1PP only
    No crosshair
    X2 Zombies
    Spawn with Black cargos 1 bandage or 1 Rag No Shirt.
    Remove basebuilding entirely.

    Mods :

    Dayz_CCCP = Perfect Stamina fix. I tried this mod and was amazed.
    Weapon Redux pack = Tons of weapons
    Dayz plus = tons of weapons
    Airdrop mod = replaces the heli crashes we had in dayZero that flew around and crashed containing loot.
    Airdrop mod loot can contain m24,dmr,svd,m249 etc.. clothing.. whatever we may agree upon.
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  2. All those changes sounds really good. I think vehicles need a lot of fixes / tweaks. Its absurd how much effort you need to get car up and running. Arma 2 vehicle system was so good when you needed 4 wheels, toolbox and jerry can to get it going on basicly. Another thing is ADS. I dont know what kind of brainfart dayz devs had when they made current ADS system ( Need to press right click and then middle mouse or shift for ADS). That needs to change imo.
  3. chuck88

    chuck88 Scavenger Leaderboard

    yeah the ads system, im use to already. but i do have 5500 hrs on SA :eek:
  4. chuck88

    chuck88 Scavenger Leaderboard

    but i think a server with my idea is a great start, hope to see one soon or if people want to commit ill bring a server up. it can be whitelisted like dayZero and ill be active for hackers and streamsnipers.
  5. I wish we could get the old feeling. With PvP focus.
  6. What do you need to get a server up and running?
  7. chuck88

    chuck88 Scavenger Leaderboard

    $1200 for the first year
  8. Is that the annual cost for a server? Wow pretty expensive for a game
  9. cmon guys can we stand together and do something!where is Tansien!?
  10. Harbinger

    Harbinger Your Master Leaderboard

    I've been playing on SA servers and to be honest all of them are the same, there is one that caught my eye, which actually makes it fun to play.
    It does have basebuilding, but it is hard to gather all the stuff to craft a base, not to mention getting tents or barrels (available only in radiation zones). It has a safezone at Altar where people can sell some stuff, but there are also RP-ish organizations in different parts of the map, which have their own traders with different stuff. These organizations can buy stuff off you, give you 'quests' to increase your reputation with them, eventually allowing access to their traders.
    Concerning PVP - it's not all KoS, yes, there are people that do that, but in like 50% of cases you can interact with people, makes it a lot more fun than just running and shooting. Survival is also harder with the rage virus mode, food is scarce and now they added other sicknesses. I haven't explored everything yet, so there could be more fun aspects, would be cool to have a similar server, as the current Chernarus map isn't really made for just PVP like it was on the mod.
  11. I miss dayzero, good times boys.
    Get this server up already
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  12. Make this happen ples.

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