Dayz moding tool is out

Discussion in 'General' started by Yugomen, 2018-11-07.

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    pls :oops:
  2. Would the website still be up and running if Tansien didnt plan to make SA Dayzero?
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  3. remove shits from standalone(i mean spawn items)increase server number players(100 if its stable)or cut north villages,add dynamic helicrashes or misions,use gun dlc!=Dayzero ohh and forgot add full Moon nights :)
  4. Bring back the CZ into dayzero SA!
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  5. Hi everyone, long time.

    Seeing the launch of 1.0 is actually painful, but it also makes me worried this is the nail in the coffin on DayZ as a whole unless something is done.

    Is tansien seriously going to revive with an SA mod? If not, maybe bring the arma mod servers back? I'm fiending to get back into dayz
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  6. ska

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    some mechanics are well done in dayz SA, others are crap. dayzeroSA would be a dream!
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  8. Seba

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    YES dayzeroSA its good idea
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  9. It was a post of Tansien talking about dayzero SA in future. It's expired now??? Maybe plans have changed then...

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