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Discussion in 'General' started by Miles, 2018-05-24.

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    Any DayZero Mod for SA announcments? I saw a stream of a guy modding SA the other day and he said animated helicrashes are possible and easy to implement so that was good news. Any DayZero dev got their teeth into the server files/modding yet of SA? Thoughts?
  3. i hope dayzero standfalone will be born!
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  4. and until then, a dayzero christmas...? :rolleyes:
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  5. rscl

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    DayZero SA any comment on the subject pls ? I'm crossing my fingers!
  6. someone made Dayz battle royale mod!hope we will see Dayzero
  7. makmak

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    I will pay for dayzero experience in SA.
  8. rscl

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    same here
  9. I will give tansien my first born for a SA server
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  10. Metal

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    I am back from the dead.


    I am viling to develop Dayzero. Why ? Becouse it is best fucking mod out there. Period.

    Edit: There are players like me here on these forums, that need that ultra hardcore "fix".
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  11. Sacriel, break and pretty much all big hardcore dayz-fan streamers has been talking about dayzero and wanting it for Dayz SA. It would be great time for Tansien and others to start dayzero modding in standalone. For starting there are some minor stuff to do that would be bring a lot of players.

    -For example increasing current stamina. Currently you can sprint for 30 meters and then need to wait for long time. Super annoying and needs to be changed.
    -Changing weapon spawns for low tier / medium tier weapons

    There are players for Dayz but not proper servers :)
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    I'd be really interested in a standalone mod that helped make it feel more like a game again. Eating Meat to regain blood rather than having to run around blurry for 30 minutes until you die like the SA. I haven't yet had a look at many of the released SA files but I've tried to keep an eye on the scene whenever possible, I hope the tools have improved a lot since Arma II.

    My day job keeps me pretty busy, but I'm interested to see if it would be possible to port some of the finished DayZero structures into the Standalone, that would be pretty cool. I might have to install DayzSA again and have a peek at the files again to see whats changed.


    Wow i just played 0.63 and my god was it frustrating and annoying. I took a hit from a zombie and now I have to walk very slowly and can't run? Why? This needs a hell of a lot of work to make enjoyable, let alone something you would even want to mod.
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    From what I found so far A3 mods are pretty much compatible with dayz 0.63 engine, some of them are ported already

    and yes Zac DayZ SA devs took totally wrong patch and made it more into poop simulator forgeting its a game which should give fun, playing this game at this point is more like second job than a relax after actual IRL job xD
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  14. Zac

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    Haha, yeah it doesn't feel like a game anymore :-(

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