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Discussion in 'General' started by Miles, 2018-05-24.

  1. As title implies...

    Any chance of Dayzero summer time playing period?

    Are there any plans for modding of Dayz SA seeing as its starting to come together (after 4 years...)

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  2. LSB_

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  4. Tansien

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    Probably not, maybe again for Christmas. Unless the final ArmA2OA patch broke everything so I'll have to fix it.

    Maybe, I know they've replaced the scripting language so we'll see if I've got time to learn it.
  5. Enscript is very similar to a C/C++ style language so if you have any experience in C/C++/C#/Java and whatnot it should not be an issue learning Enscript, it shouldn't be any more work than seeing a new API for the first time. Of course, doing a full rework will take some time and there's bound to be stuff that they have forgotten to expose to the scripting language for whatever reason. For example I could not find a way of altering the movement speed of the player character but there's currently no documentation to work with so I might've missed it.

    I guess we have to wait until they release modding tools until we start seeing what they are able to do but scripting wise it seems rather solid.
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  7. rscl

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    will see :F to less proper gameplay videos on youtube atm to make any judgment tbh
  8. Fair enough. What can we do to encourage some server time this summer? I remember last summer it was well populated for maybe 2 or 3 weeks when you brought it up. An SE1 pop of > 20 is fun enough for me anyways. Is it a lack of staff or funds issue? Or do you feel like the game game has finally died?

    Either way, cheers for such a great mod @Tansien & other admins . Top work :')
  9. You sound like you have a pretty good understanding of enscript. Would you be interested in modding the game some time in future?
  10. I don't have a good understanding of it at all, I just spent a few hours in it when they first released the Single Player for DayZ:confused:A. Never really modded anything for Arma before but we'll see when the official documentation is out and all that.
  11. Tansien

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    DayZ has singleplayer now?
  12. Single Player as in your can run the server locally and play on it. Works pretty well.
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    Small info who wants to fight like before...
    Arma3 - BreakingPoint - Chernorus - Server RV666 - PSW: 2010
    Usually 60/60. Ping a bit to high for UK ~100 but... gameplay like before... squads PVP at NW airfild - Stariy - Gorka
    Yesterday for example we did -12 :) wipe few squads
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  15. Does anyone have any news about DayZero?
    Other than this ofc.
    Kinda missed it ffs....
  16. Seba

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    DayZero back plsss
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  18. Seba

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    Tansien turn on the servers for a one week plsss.
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  19. Tansien

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    Maybe at Christmas, if I remember how to do it :p
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    we all hope so ! :) Be a good Santa! ::-D:-DD:
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