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  1. The server is up! Just refresh it a couple of times and you'll see the player numbers.
    GET ONLINE damnit! It may be the last time! :eek:
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  2. "If server were online, would you play?" 32 voted: yes A LOT! and 26 voted: yes sometimes. So where is the 32 people who voted "yes A LOT!". A lot of people played the first few days and then it just died..
  3. They played a lot, but just 3 days. But this was known, its always the same :-D
  4. Yea i had a feeling this was going to happen..
  5. Kippari

    Kippari Mr. Chickenhand Leaderboard

    I think many players dont want to bother since they know servers are going down soon again. Hopefully we can have atleast one more night of full server before they go.
  6. Had lots of action with 25 yesterday, maybe we can keep that lvl a bit :)
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  7. Croc

    Croc Survivor Leaderboard

    I told you guys that You will don't play. You all just talking and server is empty. lol
  8. Get on at 21:00 CET!!!

    Germans have some loot to give away - and we have no huey ;-)
  9. Unfortunately the holidays are over. People have jobs and studying to do. The game is great but people (me included) now have less time to spend gaming. It's just how it is. It's a shame but entirely expected.

    On a positive note, It won't be the last time we see Dayzero. I've heard from reliable people in contact with Tansien that he has plans for this mod. Just be glad we had such a high population for 2 weeks.
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  10. I thought the servers were offline since the launcher showed so
  11. Nope. They just need refreshing a few times and then you will see them active :)

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