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  1. hey guys

    so I noticed there was some discontent (and some hate) about us using the huey this night.. lets talk about why you think the huey shouldnt be used (at all?).

    With this post I can only really talk for myself from our group, but obviously none of us want to kill the player base of an evening by making people feel frustrated!

    Some thoughts:

    to me, it felt like all we achieved by getting back up faster was to die faster. we basically never left any of the huey battlefields with the good gear

    I guess I never really got pissed on by a huey (or not often enough), I just always feel like the server gets a bit more exciting when I know theres a huey roaming around, possibly tipping me off about where the action/the crash sites are..

    also stuff like ambushing a chopper crew while refueling, crashing it with a plane, even stealing it, or just killing it in general make some great moments, no?

    obviously for the ones using the chopper its a lot of fun and easy action being dropped over the heated areas one after another. but I dare say that whenever we do that we mostly feel like we are just feeding studies to the squads hiding in the woods.

    I guess things like

    - stopping the huey's guns from automatically refuelling EVERY restart

    - making them spawn inland again (!!!)

    - making them need more stuff to be repaired

    - making rocket launchers spawn more commonly (?)

    might balance things out a bit..

    Apart from that, most of the time you only need a main rotor, a scrap metal and a jerry can to fix the chopper. hide it or crash it :p

    PS: I saw that somebody said we were camping fresh spawns on the coast? I have no idea what we did that could have looked like camping fresh spawns, but please let me know more :>

    oh and shout-out to 'Enfield Guy' Galaxy :-D
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  2. M|J

    M|J Leaderboard

    I mean, as long as Batteee isnt the gunner, they are mostly harmless, but still annoying ^^
    Wasnt on yesterday so dont know tho
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  3. Exactly that. You are just plain annoying and that's it. Nobody gains anything out of that.
  4. When a guy with an enfield can bring down a huey and squads with their acog guns canĀ“t, i dont think huey is the problem here...
    Chopper needs way less bullets to get damaged then people think, but it seems guys only use their guns now when they can go for a save kill.
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  5. Razor.dll

    Razor.dll Shipwrecked Leaderboard


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  6. If the server is 65/65 and you're flying the huey for me its fine. The fact you was circling Stary on a server that had max 25 people on it for 2 hours killing what was mostly fresh spawns, not geared squads or anything remotely challenging for you guys.. and then if one of you would die you would just go south and pick them back up again.

    It just makes people not want to play because let's be honest to get gear you either go to Stary or the Airfield, if you cant even get within 1k of Stary without being chased down what's the point of playing?? everyone dying at Stary makes the airfield dead with 0 players so it's not even like you can avoid stary completely and fight/loot at the airfield.

    You cant argue that flying around areas like stary constantly lowers the population, and we can't really afford that right now as the servers haven't hit max in a couple of days.

    But it's a pointless argument.. squad in the Huey always thinks what they're doing right and everyone dying to it wants it removed. You can find 100 posts about it on here. For the sake of the Christmas revival actually lasting 2 weeks and the possibly further I would suggest removal of the Huey.
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  7. A would rather have used the heli to pick up fresh spawns from the coast and drop them off at stary or airfield. When that gets boring i would probably end up crashing around t-snipe trying to do some mlg low fly-by shit. More fun for everyone that way, but maybe thats just me.
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  8. Rawryy

    Rawryy die hasslon Leaderboard

    Drop people off > die > get picked up > back in same spot > people on ground get over-ran by different squad or die to huey dropoffs because randoms everywhere = huey squad pick up all gear because they get up faster than everyone :rolleyes::eek::oops:

    edit: huey is ok on medium-full server though, its just huey can 'ruin' a few of the only fights on ground when its low pop.
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  9. just stop using the huey, pussy
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  10. I did this with the Mi-17 a few days ago, I got down to 8 altitude, shit myself panicked and went bang into gay hill.
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  11. Kippari

    Kippari Mr. Chickenhand Leaderboard

    I for one love shooting huey/other choppers. I dont really understand the hate towards huey. I kind of enjoy being fired upon by the huey and knowing their ground troops are closing in. Makes interesting fight, atleast for me. I do understand @Brooksie 's point too. But let's be honest. Huey goes down really easily if there is 4 players shooting it. Or atleast damages the instruments badly and it has to back off.
  12. Kojot

    Kojot Scavenger Leaderboard

    Fights where choppers are involved are the best. I don't understand hate against them.
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  13. eberteby

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    Even better when they are invisible or flying at 1 km height.

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  14. I heard from thrusted sources that they were not flying at 1km ;-)
  15. Kippari

    Kippari Mr. Chickenhand Leaderboard

    I mean this is just funny. Try looking up next time :-D
  16. mdms

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  17. Bateeee

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    Huey... Gunner... hmm. I miss those times :rolleyes:
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  18. I was always under the impression that DayZero was supposed to be one of the more hardcore DayZ mods. If it is removed that goes against everything that the mod stands for in my opinion.

    Besides, as people have said the Huey is not some invincible death machine. I remember one episode when a Huey chased me through a field until it blew up my Ural, then chased me through the woods until I finally got fed up and fired a couple bursts at it. I immediately killed the gunner and the Huey became harmless. I remember another episode where a Huey ambushed my group while they were looting a heli crash. I fired a couple of bursts at the engine and it ran away.

    I've also been part of a group that owned the Huey quite a few times, and honestly, the thing is way more useful for spotting heli crashes and picking up your buddies than it is for killing people. Whenever I tried to use the M240, even with an excellent pilot, it was still difficult to hit even stationary targets. The only thing I could hit reliably was larger vehicles. So, the Huey does give a major logistical boost to a squad, but I really don't see how it has been killing enough people to drive the server population down. If there is a Huey circling Stary for two hours and people keep going there and dying repeatedly, then the Huey isn't the problem, because the same thing would happen to them if a squad was camping there too.

    If I can drive off a Huey by myself with just a couple well-aimed bursts, then why are entire groups dying to the thing?
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  19. huey adds variation in the gameplay, removing one of the fun aspects of an already outdated meta is just dumb
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  20. Tansien

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    That said, I can totally understand it's not as fun with a Huey around when there's 25 players on the server versus when there's 65.
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