If server were ONLINE - Would You Play ???

Discussion in 'General' started by katulen, 2017-10-22.


If the server was ONLINE - Would You Play ???

  1. Yes - A LOT !

    55 vote(s)
  2. Yes - Sometimes

    38 vote(s)
  1. NuclearAdmiral

    NuclearAdmiral Back in business

    Im down :)

    Actually been playing Dayzmod for the past few days to be honest :-D
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  2. papsh

    papsh Pig Shooter Leaderboard

    Im down too. I'll uninstall every crappy game i have right now if this happens.
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  3. makmak

    makmak Shipwrecked Leaderboard

    DayZ in beta is far better than arma 2, I don't know if I want to back to this old times :v With friends maybe.
  4. NuclearAdmiral

    NuclearAdmiral Back in business

    You feel standalone is far better than mods ?
  5. makmak

    makmak Shipwrecked Leaderboard

    Survival, looting, player control and animations are great in SA, but we still waiting for more diverse equipment and vehicles. If you like pvp, tons of weapons nad vehicles Arma 2 is still better.

    Lying on back and free jumping? Nobody dreamed about it ; v
    Last edited: 2018-12-06
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  6. Big yes for both christmas dayzero revival and dayz SA dayzero server :) There arent many good dayz SA servers currently so this would be good time to make move there ;-)
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  7. NuclearAdmiral

    NuclearAdmiral Back in business

    Yeah i see where you coming from, It looks nice and runs good.. Good UI and mechanics seems to be nice but it´s still lacking in content as in bikes/vehicles etc so its purely survival against dying of diarrhea, hunger etc :) I would play alot more if there were vehicles as in dayzmod because the map is pretty huge :)
  8. Harbinger

    Harbinger Your Master Leaderboard

    i definitely will play!
  9. Since dayz SA has now mod tools and mod support its easy to add more vehicles. One huge problem with vehicles is that it takes very long to repair them. They should spawn "almost" repaired or something, like in dayzero vehicles spawned with 3 wheels repaired or even 4. I agree that standalone needs more weapons and more vehicles.
  10. NuclearAdmiral

    NuclearAdmiral Back in business

    I personally do have a 16 threaded xeon E5540 with 32gb ram, that could probably host a modded SA server but i havent even looked at the files and how much it would need to be modded in order to be actually fun to play..
    But this is something i´ll be looking at after Dayzero christmas uptime :-D
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  11. wow guys you are still alive :eek:
  12. christmas Dayz is happening? :-D:-D:-D:-D:-D
  13. NWA is down booois
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  14. Been crying every night since last christmas revive: :,( i need it xD
  15. Pedor

    Pedor u ded now Leaderboard

    come on tanson
  16. Idylhours

    Idylhours Shipwrecked

    Looking forward to this, I've been itching to play the dayzero mod again.
  17. Make DayZ great again
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  18. iW comeback?
  19. I'd try to gather the troops if the servers are get populated again:)
  20. linkinpunk

    linkinpunk Shipwrecked Leaderboard

    it was difficult but I jerked off

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