Petition to make combat logging punishable by a 7 day ban.

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by spyker50, 2012-10-21.


Should combat loggers get banned as part of the server rules/policies?

  1. Yes

    97 vote(s)
  2. No

    22 vote(s)
  1. spyker50

    spyker50 Survivor

    Exactly what is says on the tin. 2 strikes and you are out. To Tansien and the other hosts, please consider this.

    First offence, warning by admin.

    Second offence, 7 day ban.

    Evidence of the combat log must be recorded by screenshots showing the studied body, the exact time (both in game and RL), exact coordinates, plus information on the players inventory if possible. These details will be useful for the admins to quickly find the event in their logs.

    It might be a pain to do at first, but as people stop their alt f4's it will no longer pose a problem. I assume that the only people that wouldn't support this are the combat loggers themselves.
  2. I hope Tanisien makes something with this. Good luck!
  3. Dustgone

    Dustgone Survivor

    Combat logging ruins the game, as does hacking and exploiting. The point of this game is to survive and by that I mean sneak, fight, flee, scavenge, cooperate. To alt-f4 in combat is not part of a good DayZ experienced and should be punished.
  4. Teskuz

    Teskuz The Mascot Leaderboard

    I honestly don't have a problem with combat loggers, I mean, they are just way easier to kill but you don't get their shit.
    On the other hand, I don't have a problem with them getting punished either since that would just make the kill 100 times more enjoyable :)

    Edit: Thread moved general -> suggestions
  5. soju

    soju Hero

  6. Tobias Solem

    Tobias Solem Dunno exactly anymore what tits is I'm doing here

  7. VanZ0r

    VanZ0r Survivor

    I'm all for this BUT, currently there have been bugs/issues that mean folks get disconnected without any input from themselves. As an example I jumped off an ATV and toook cover behind a tree, leaned out to engage and as I did my teammate fired and my game naturally I took on the surrender pose and sure enough was dead by the time I'd re-booted and got back in.

    So there's one simple example of where I'd get warned or banned which has nothing to do with combat logging.
  8. spyker50

    spyker50 Survivor

    This is true, but if enough information is provided to make a combat log claim, then the admins will be able to determine that it was not your fault.
  9. Teskuz

    Teskuz The Mascot Leaderboard

    I'm sorry but there's no way you can determinate whether his game crashed or not, unless he can send us a status-log of the current occasion, but still.
    If I were in a position were I had to judge VanZ0r, from an objective perspective, in that case I would warn/ban him. I'm glad that I don't have to be objective as of now but this is what the admins would see:
    VanZ0r gets in combat, runs behind a tree and then signs out.
    They wont see:
    VanZ0r gets shot at, hides behind a tree and when his friend starts to fire back which caused his game to crash.

    So, it's really hard to determinate everything without being at both places in the same time.
  10. spyker50

    spyker50 Survivor

    i strongly doubt that game crashing would be perfectly timed for a combat log in 95% of cases. The first strike being a warning should mean that an unfortunately timed crash wouldnt cause unnecessary bans, and speaking for myself here my game has never been crashed by somebody opening fire.

    The ban would be for multiple offences.
  11. Firemac

    Firemac Scavenger


    Stupid idea come up with something better, perhaps a solution?
  12. Ajvkorn

    Ajvkorn Scavenger

    ..Can't believe this thread exist...I hate combat logging as much as the next guy, but a ban for 7 days? first off, why not just say a week? second, as the teskuz said, you don't know if he got disconnected, battleeye kicked, etc. shit happens. with the 30 second log off timer, it also doesn't help. My friend and I killed a guy yesterday who we thought was trying to shoot at me, but we decided maybe he was trying to log out. If this was true, it means he wasn't aware of our presence and just picked a bad spot to log out. I couldn't loot his body because of this. Granted, I am giving this guy the benefit of the doubt here, but he should be penalized for "combat logging?" Trust me, I was mad I couldn't loot him, but I don't think a week ban is called for. Get over it, kid. Shit happens.
  13. Tobias Solem

    Tobias Solem Dunno exactly anymore what tits is I'm doing here

    Just make it so that anyone that presses ALT+F4 in the game automatically gets a 7 day ban. Then we do not need to worry about if someone made a mistake or no.
  14. spyker50

    spyker50 Survivor

    Re-read my last post. The ban is for MULTIPLE offences, in situations when it is clearly intentional. The example you gave, you clearly would choose to not report that because you didnt see it as either underhanded, or intentional. Also a BE kick shows up for every player on the server, so obviously you would not report that as a combat log...

    Also, do not belittle and try to support your point by calling me "kid". If you are going to try and make a point, learn to make a reasoned argument (laughing at your first point). The votes speak for themselves.
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  15. nVolteX

    nVolteX Shipwrecked

    As the game is right now, I have to say no to this. There are so many bugs right now like bodys vanishing after you get killed and press abort to respawn and things like that. Once this has been corrected it might be a good idea, however Admins would have to look each case and take his time before banning/warning someone, and there should be ban/warning appeals because sometimes mistakes happen.
  16. Vizlan

    Vizlan Shipwrecked

    Signed.. It's nice that they stand up and easy to kill, but I've noticed that system doesn't always kill the character. Twice now in one day I've had people combatlog, i kill the standing guy, then a few minutes later strangely enough a guy pops up at the exact place the combatlogger was. Ended in death for a teammate so far, waiting for my turn..
  17. Striker™

    Striker™ Survivor

    Voted yes!
  18. Virus

    Virus Adapt or GTFO Leaderboard

    How would you know if anyone alt+f4:ed or just ran away and pressed abort?
  19. emilg

    emilg Scavenger

    Incase you didn't know, alt+f4ing is when you alt+f4 or press abort fast, doesn't matter but people call it alt+f4 because you disc from the server.

    7 days isn't enough to be honest, I think a month or two so they learn something.
  20. Virus

    Virus Adapt or GTFO Leaderboard

    Yeah, but its implemented that you cannot disconnect through aborting in combat. So is the abort button is avalible for clicking, you're technically not in combat.

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