sants squad recruiting

Discussion in 'Call me maybe?' started by Jolieto, 2017-01-15.

  1. need players guys
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  2. Mosesen

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  4. Mosesen

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    would love to join the squad!!! :)
  5. can i join im lookin for a squad
  6. Natural

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    hey im looking for a squad i have over 25,000 hours logged on Arma 2 and I know chernarus really well. I can navigate anywhere on the map without even a compass which not alot of people can do. I also am lactose and tolerant so if we ever have like milk and cookies at LAN i will die XD
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  7. I was a backpacker for Order of the Nerds (OOTN - possibly the best squad in Chernarus. I always have spare back pack slots and I will carry your guns like there's no tomorrow.

    P.S I have a new suitcase with 4 wheels now so I can transport loot from A to B with very little problem.
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  8. SANT1

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    recruiting for 2021 revival, applications open lads

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