You are able to walk outside the map

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by ziScopes, 2017-01-08.

  1. I realised when i broke my motorbike at the very northest part and wanted to suicide that you don't die by going outside of the map so i guess it's possible for people to hide all vehicles and camps they want somewhere far off the real map (outside of the clear border where the grass ends and there is a few meters leveled ground)
    As there is endless high mountains it's not really hard to hide stuff somewhere far off there i guess
  2. Rawryy

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    These will despawn or blow up on restart if parked outside of the map.
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  3. mdms

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    It was disabled because people had hard time understanding the rule.

    Anyways, there are no vehicles, tents or crates outside the map. I will delete them daily.
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  4. Are you an admin again now? I recall you saying you wanted to step down?

    Or am i chatting shit :'D ?
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  5. mdms

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    I am doing updates/content and doing maintenance/admin issues. Most of the ingame related admin stuff is being done by NuiclearAdmiral. I just do what I have time for, mostly just glare the admin tools when at work.

    We have still some active admins / developers working on the project, although most of them don't want to visit the forums anymore thanks to certain individuals.
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  6. Croc

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    How is going with new leaderboard? ;-)
  7. There does seem to be a lot of toxic people on this Mod.
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