Announcement Dayzero will go online tomorrow CET 15:00 gmt +1

Discussion in 'General' started by NuclearAdmiral, 2016-12-27.

  1. Pedor

    Pedor u ded now Leaderboard

    My body is ready
  2. weddy97

    weddy97 Häftmassa Leaderboard


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  3. Derpgar

    Derpgar Shipwrecked Leaderboard

    Should be good, as long as a few of these boys log in

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  4. Oh damn, time to install arma 2 and dayzero once again.
  5. Omg, so satan is real and answered to my blood sacrifice :eek:
  6. dayzer.gif
    who's ready to see the red message stating maxmimum capacity tmw :-D.
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  7. papsh

    papsh Pig Shooter Leaderboard

    Maybe by best screenshot :-D Serjo on the left, but where is this screenshot taken ?

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  8. papsh

    papsh Pig Shooter Leaderboard

    I sacrificed a bug. Still worked
  9. Do we know when today? NWA might show up...
  10. papsh

    papsh Pig Shooter Leaderboard

    15:00 gmt +1
  11. Guys, just to be sure that im rdy to go at launch.

    Opening DayZero launcher -> versions -> it says Installed: DayZero-1.5.0 - Latest: DayZero-1.5.0. So ive got the right version.
    However, it says "(Checking Files 22%)" and is just stuck there. Am i still good to go when its live, or do i have some sort of bug?
  12. papsh

    papsh Pig Shooter Leaderboard

    Open you Steam and launch through DayZero Launcher. It should be fine
  13. What you mean by "open your steam".. My steam is always open (at least when i have to play games).

    I was just wondering, that it says i got latest dayzero version installed - but checking files is at 22% and doesnt move.
    Just wanted to make sure i dont experience any trouble when its live :-D
  14. papsh

    papsh Pig Shooter Leaderboard

    Sometimes people dont have steam open when they run dayzero and they get session lost. I dont think you will have any problem with ''checking files thing''
  15. Croc

    Croc Survivor Leaderboard

    ROG castle area?
  16. papsh

    papsh Pig Shooter Leaderboard

    Its in Zub. On the other side of that slope in serjo's head its the pulkovo fields
  17. just remember to put the automatic restart on after server start ;-)
  18. Rawryy

    Rawryy die hasslon Leaderboard

  19. So hyped to play! only 15mins left:) cmon boys
  20. G-Had

    G-Had Shipwrecked

    I'm already afraid of dying kek
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