Arma 3: Edict | Kill Compilation (In case you want to see some Edict gameplay)

Discussion in 'Cool story, bro.' started by JackZNU, 2016-12-13.

  1. Actually he didn't play for 6 minutes. I challenged him various times to play and he did, we spent about about 3-4 hours on it and reached the conclusion that it sucked. Sure, it had all the potential in the world but the admins wouldn't listen to what everyone was suggesting and probably didn't have the "devs" necessary to reach the level that DayZero is in terms of finishing.
    How can you not flame a mod that tries to be DayZero and fails after a few weeks like many have ? It's funny you guys hate on someone for not liking something without having knowledge if they played it or not. Just giving out my 2 cents ;-)
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    This is a quote from the Edict Website :

    For those of you that played DayZ mod on ARMA 2 then the best way to describe it as our vision for the mod on ArmA 3. Our main aim is to make it close to the standard that DayZero was and still is. Right now military grade weapons etc are more plentiful than on DayZero but I hope to find a good balance in future patches. The server will mainly focus on PVP up north but also giving attention to those who like play more of a survivor role.

    'close to the standard that DayZero was', does not mean they are trying to BE DayZero, they want it to be a good mod. Which in all honesty, they've failed. The mod has lost its hype, if they fixed a lot of the problems they currently have, the hype would still be there and it would probably stick around longer than it has.

    And you've said it yourself 'fails after a few weeks', Croc was flaming the mod like a week after it had came out and got hype. He gave the people no time to fix the mod as it was. Just talking shit about it. Now i sort of agree with him, the mod has become stale and plain, because bugs/pet peeves like some of the features that should be in, weren't, never came in, so the current hype died and nothing was done to keep it up.

    It WAS definitly a good mod with lots of potential, how can you say its a bad mod, when streamers like Break, Sacriel and Danny were playing it, they love the hardcore stuff. Lots of REALLY good players were also playing it, TEAM, FredsDiv and others i'm sure i've missed were all enjoying it. So can't you see why i was abit annoyed that he was flaming the mod? Literally his posts would consist of flame towards Edict. Was it neccesary? Naaa....

    Anyway, im not arsed about Edict anymore, its time for DayZero to come back :))))
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    Ok man, I flamed but after few months who had right? Due to my arma and dayzer experience I didn't need 2 months to see that Edict it's not even close to DayZero like almost all of you said... It's shit and you need to face it if you want or not. Some of you understood faster some slower but fact is fact. If this mod is so good like you saying and I don't have right just keep playing this "new DayZero". Peace.
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  4. Croc

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    Good, you was bad and partial admin.
  5. do i really have to say anything else about you mate ? i already wasted too much time its not worth it
  6. Croc

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    It's all right. No answer from him at all in that time and edict suck balls. Tansien took money and switched servers off. And it's not only my opinion. I'm just writing what i'm thibkibg actually. I don't trying to have two faces. Just saying how it is. Sry m8.
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    Sorry i wasnt your dream admin croc i understand why, but i always take small notes from critics like you. It helps me to excedd..
  8. Croc

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    I will never understand why. I never had problems with you untill you banned me for "just lol" and you took it personally..

    But w/e guys. We are community. We know each other for few years. Make love not war. I'm sorry if someone felt bad because of me. God jul everybody.
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    It was a normal automatic 1 day ban if i remember correctly. And this ban was from a warning you got and that means you had 3 or 2 warning points from bad behavior in forums so yeah it wasnt that bad.
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    Well if someone says something bad in forums towards someone, that someone can be also an admin right? An admin is not a machine, its a human and he can be insulted and take personally also. Some admins looked away cause they didnt want to give small punishments to people for bad behavior and some others did not looked away like me for example. Its a blade with 2 sharp edges. If you give a small punish you have a small rebelion and people hate you cause you didnt let them spread their shit and if you do nothing they spread the shit everywhere and you got a toxic community. I over reacted in some points thats for sure but since this community was extremely toxic i tried to do something that other admins did not but it didnt work for several reasons. Anyways, all these dramas are totally stupid since the only thing we want is to play Dayzero right now. The community is close and small and dramas destroys the community so from my point of view and your point of you croc, its better to make love right now, play the game and quit the public forum dramas.
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  11. One thing Croc got right is that Tansien got money and fucked off.

    Oh and edict is shit.

    He's still a troll tho
  12. Croc

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    Sometimes ya.. But I'm nice guy ;-)
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