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Discussion in 'Meanwhile, in the real world...' started by BELKIN, 2016-11-15.

  1. rscl

    rscl Wastelander Leaderboard

    Make DayZero on A3 pls, Standalone engine wont be ready for modding or any good overall in years unfortunately, based on their poor pace of development. This edict game which is just a minor shadow of what DayZero is, instantly got two 50/50 populated servers and growing, I can just imagine how great it would be if it would be actually Dayzero on A3 instead - this would be a true revival.
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  2. Tobias Solem

    Tobias Solem Dunno exactly anymore what tits is I'm doing here

    There are dozens of generic "let's take a bunch of random mods and pack them into one mod and call it something".

    Ninety percent of them suck real bad. And the other 10 are a mixed bag.

    Take Exile for example, most servers that run Exile are pretty terrible. But there are a few that are great. (Because you can do a lot with Exile, but most servers just use the generic Call of Duty in ARMA-recipe and are empty).

    Also, if you're playing ARMA3, why the hell would you want poorly ported ARMA2 models and ARMA2 maps, and so on? ARMA2 does it better. (Without the porting) :confused:
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  3. rscl

    rscl Wastelander Leaderboard

    I dont like arma 3 engine, only thing is that actually loads of people playing it and streamers streaming it in opposition to Arma 2 unfortunately. Edict is populated despite the fact that it is just a mix of mods which making FPS very poor, and its just barely similar to DayZero but a lot lot worse - still like 8-10 streamers streaming it and new and new ppl registering on forum.
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  4. just so you know, I enjoy edict but, this is common...
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  5. This looks pretty dope, almost makes me want to not hate Arma3
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  6. Tobias Solem

    Tobias Solem Dunno exactly anymore what tits is I'm doing here

    ARMA3 Scene has also kinda become a cash grab. So a lot of streamers make money from promoting shit mods that get "donations" from the heaps of "the next great monthly survival mod".

    This is another FOTM.
  7. bnz

    bnz Always late and usually AFK. Leaderboard

    I've been trying this Edict mod, it's okayish and "dayzeroish" but server performance and zombies make it not cool.

    Also really glad to see that I'm not the only one who thinks Arma2 is a better game than Arma 3. Can't really describe why, but it just doesn't feel the same. Not even remotely close. :mad:
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  8. You are not alone, there really is something quite dodgy about Arma3. I cannot build up any hype for a game that gives me less FPS than Dayzero, you would have thought that Arma3 would be better optimized. Maybe this is the case? and just the edict server is shit, either way dayzero trumps it.
  9. papsh

    papsh Pig Shooter Leaderboard

    The thing is though that Edict is getting alot of players from Dayzero and the only reason is that the founders of this mod opened a simple server in chernarus , put zombies in it, loot, heli crashes and people called it ''Dayzero'' in Arma 3. Its not Dayzero in Arma 3 of course but if these guys start to work on that direction fore sure they will create something closer to dayzero and most of the people there now hope for this change. They started with one server before 2 weeks and now they have 2 full servers everyday and 5-6 streamers including break/sacriel streaming it.
    @Tansien could do the same with minor effort and succeed also. If the new Dayzero patch work, and bring people back its ok for me but if it fails i think Dayzero will die completely cause Edict mod is an alternative solution. In this case Tansien could move to Arma 3 and create Dayzero there and i dont have any doubt that it will be a success. For sure Tansien could do this better than them. He has the knowledge and everything and just like them he could recruit moderators from Arma 3 community and create at last Dayzero in Arma 3 with bullets that actually land on the enemy, good FPS, working zombies etc etc.
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  10. Unfortunately that all sounds too good to be true. My experience of Dayzero tells me that there is another let-down waiting around the corner...
  11. papsh

    papsh Pig Shooter Leaderboard

    I know it sounds too good to be true and you might be right not to have any hope right now, but i strongly believe that Tansien could do much better job than them. He only needs to be motivated and believe cause if he is motivated enough like he did with DayzMod at the start, he will not let down anyone.
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  12. I agree Tansien is the man to make a better mod. If it happens though is a completely different matter.
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  13. rscl

    rscl Wastelander Leaderboard

    Exactly, same thoughts as Papsh, A3 DayZero would be a true revival.
    A3 is a lot worse engine than A2 but the more I play it the more I enjoy it.
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  14. BAIT... ? ;-)
  15. papsh

    papsh Pig Shooter Leaderboard

    Well i think we reach the end of the story here. Until now there wasnt any alternative to Dayzero anywhere but now Edict is for lots of people. So something will happen for sure.

    1- Either Dayzero will die completely after the patch and people will move to Edict
    2- Dayzero will keep rolling on Arma2 with some more people (if the patch succeed.)
    3- Dayzero will move on to Arma 3 and kick ass there. (obvious success story)
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  16. rscl

    rscl Wastelander Leaderboard

    Miles im done with the bait :F
  17. rscl

    rscl Wastelander Leaderboard

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  18. papsh

    papsh Pig Shooter Leaderboard

    Also there is a fourth option

    4- Tansien could go there and join their team
  19. Harbinger

    Harbinger Your Master Leaderboard

    tried out Edict, gotta say - its so damn boring, there is nothing to do there at all
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