DayZero Status Update Please

Discussion in 'General' started by IslandMan, 2016-11-03.

  1. Not sure how much can be done to save or keep dayzero alive on arma 2, but i would donate my left kidney and right testicle to experience dayzero how it was around podagorsk release. Packed servers with a diversity of players all over the map and booming community....on a better suited engine. The dream....
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  2. Lets get that server up x'D Regardless of leaderboards or not.
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  3. yourik

    yourik Scavenger Leaderboard

    Maybe someone from dayzero community can help you to rewrite the code, maybe someone ready to do this for some $$$, maybe someone know someone who can do this... and maybe someone ready to donate some $$$ for person who can.

    As a result... 2 HC servers. 1.Arma2 and 2.Arma3 +100500 players.
  4. I dont know about you guys, but I'm already very hyped and cant wait until the servers open :)! Gonna play the shit out of DayZero when the server is up again, even if I'd be the only player on the server :-D.

    Edit: Just hope it wont be too easy to get high tier loot.
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  5. As far as i can see there seem to be quite "alot" of peopple that are willing and want to play the mod.. why not open up a serv? :))
  6. cant play currently, but i keep checking this site and will be playing when the servers are up and i have time again
  7. Croc

    Croc Survivor Leaderboard

    I'm waiting for servers.
  8. I remember you having problems getting contact with the DZLauncher owner, any update on that?
  9. Croc

    Croc Survivor Leaderboard

    No, he didn't has problems. He didn't know that he can do that.. But someone told him that he can do. Answer was that he will do that but like everything here delayed.
  10. Rawryy

    Rawryy die hasslon Leaderboard

    Please can we not make it about scoring/kills/deaths/being the best group - It is a competitive mod but it should still be 'DayZ' at the end of it, don't actually want an official way of competing against each other, leaderboards are fine to report how many kills/deaths you have.

    Really shouldn't be a way of tracking all this stuff...just makes it sound like some competitive game people have to get into and removes the 'casual' bit of DayZero..shouldn't sound this hardcore..all about k/d ratio and not about the 'DayZ experience'

    + upping loot & chopper crashes is NOT DayZero - should be hard to get all that stuff, and wipe on a 2 month basis or something...
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  11. Please put the servers up? We could play while we wait for the "update" that is coming maybe next 6 months if we are lucky. I have allready told that i can pay the server cost, if thats the reason behind server closure. There are lot of people that want to play the best mod for arma 2 <3 also holidays are coming and people have lots of freetime to play. But the main reason i want to get back online is to steal the green skoda from IGNAK

  12. I couldnt agree more!
  13. Save ur breath guys - nothing is gonna happen.
    It will just be like "We tried to make it the way we wanted it to be but it didnt work" or something.

    The team clearly shows there is no interest in keeping this mod alive anymore.
    I dont get why putting the servers up and sending a newsletter + some announcements out is so hard - and they refuse to explain why they cant do it.
  14. NuclearAdmiral

    NuclearAdmiral Back in business Staff Member Administrator Gamemaster Forum Moderator

    There is interest, But there is little to do once Tansien decided to shutdown.. I sent the newsletters and announced it and was intending to keep going but in the end it all comes up to what Tansien wants and there is nothing to really do about that. If he wants the servers to be down until patch is released thats how its going to be then.
  15. Croc

    Croc Survivor Leaderboard

    Do you believe it?
  16. DaCrazyCageMan

    DaCrazyCageMan Loophole Sniper Leaderboard

    Wish I knew how to code :-( nothing I need more in my life right now than to play on a 1pp dayzero server again!!! I've been watching rawryy/gthang videos for hours, it saddens me greatly that theres no game, that can even match, let alone top the amazing feeling that I got from playing this incredible mod!
    (Don't even try to mention edict, that shit doesn't even come close, the majority of people who compare the 2 are severely retarded & clearly never played this)
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  17. papsh

    papsh Pig Shooter Leaderboard

    Then you all need to come back to Dayzero when it comes online again. If it comes online again. I hope nahkiss will not let us down.
  18. DaCrazyCageMan

    DaCrazyCageMan Loophole Sniper Leaderboard

    I couldn't care less about leaderboards right now, would literally play all day & night right now if I could.
  19. Rawryy

    Rawryy die hasslon Leaderboard

    Would be nice if it was up during xmas time..spike some popularity ;-)

    I will stream it to my 15-25 viewers (if any left) and that should get at least 10 on :eek:
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  20. DaCrazyCageMan

    DaCrazyCageMan Loophole Sniper Leaderboard

    Yeah, would be a great christmas present! Wouldn't get my hopes up though, the only thing which could interest me enough right now to even stream would be DayZero! I'd also make another well-written reddit post LUL

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