DayZero Status Update Please

Discussion in 'General' started by IslandMan, 2016-11-03.

  1. Flame81

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    Hate won't get DayZero back.
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  2. @Nahkiss 2016
    Make DayZero great again

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  3. LSB_

    LSB_ Survivor Leaderboard

    Like i said you asked for one point. I gave you one.

    Edict clearly is doing something right for all the DayZero players, TEAM, FredsDiv, Me n Ponto, Danny have all been playing it...

    People like it, because it is similar to DayZero, you can't have a DayZero replica mod in A3, that just doesn't work. People would rather play an A3 equivalent, over something like Exile which is practically a overwatch equivalent.

    You're just supppppppperr salty because Edict is too hard for you? Kappa :)
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  4. rscl

    rscl Wastelander Leaderboard

    I hate such attitude as in some posts above. People you dont udenrstand what dayzero is ? ITS FUCKING FREE MOD. Which means private ppl putting their free IRL time after their regular jobs to create something for free. Community cannot demand a fucking dime from devs and should be just fucking thankfull for their present which they gave u by making this mode for u to play for freeeee. Its not a game you bought from AAA studio for your eraned money, you have no right to demand anytinng. Im a dev of a free mod aswell and when im reading ushc bullshit just cannot imagine how ppl can be that brain dead to act like that.
  5. Croc

    Croc Survivor Leaderboard

    Yes, You ahve right. It's too hard for me but You and Ponto are super pro and owning server. Edict is similiar to DayZero because its 1pp mod. kk, hf
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  6. Is it really that hard to make a post like this a few days after servers are down and give us an weekly update or something?
    Thats something that the DayZero-team never managed to do, some transparency about what is going on and some work on social media and PR stuff.

    Setting up a facebook and twitter-page are 5 minutes of work - posting a short sentence and a link to the latest statement takes 2 minutes, if even that much.

    Its really not that hard and not "too much to ask for", even if you do this in your free time.

    And thats one of the many reasons why people never came back to check for DayZero - because a) they didnt know it still existed and/or b) they came here, see the servers are offline or empty, search for an explanation and dont get one and never come back again.

    People dont "hate" because they dont like the mod, they dont "hate" because they hate you and your work - they "hate" because they come back, dont see any progress or statements and leave disappointed - again and again and again, hoping to play the mod.
  7. You've said that you don't know how far he is, even tho' you in november stated that they were finishing the last parts of the update.
    Could you perhaps ask him, how much more is needed?
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  8. Of course he can't, that would be too easy!
  9. Tansien

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    Right, lemme explain what's going on.

    Basically, I shut the servers down because the last few months the average player count was very low. As in it had been 3 months or something since there was 30 players on, even only a few times player count was above 10.

    We had a chat about what we could do in order to make the mod more popular again, this includes cleaning up the ban list, patching DayZero - and most importantly - NEW leaderboards.

    DayZero has always been about PvP and GvG (Group vs Group), yet our leaderboards have never taken this into account. We want to make new leaderboards that besides tracking stats about players (current and past lives) also tracks groups/teams/clans and their performance. We would have "seasons" and you'd be able to see the rankings of all the teams performed during that season, and who their team members were.

    Score would depend on group size, so even smaller teams with skilled players could keep up in ranking with bigger teams.

    Since we'd be wiping the server on a regular basis, chopper crashes/weapon loot would be increased so it would be faster to gear up as well.

    I asked Nahkiss to work on the leaderboards, but he's busy irl so it'll take the time it takes.
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  10. Harbinger

    Harbinger Your Master Leaderboard

    imho arma 2 is just outdated overall, too bad you don't want to move to arma 3 :-(
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  11. NGL when a 'super secret update' was announced I for one was hyped that you and the team would move to Arma 3, I personally don't think a new leaderboard is going to bring the severs back to life at all, no point having a leaderboard if there's nobody to compete with. such a shame.
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  12. LSB_

    LSB_ Survivor Leaderboard

    Although i agree with what Brooksie and Harbringer have said, i don't think these two are trying to sound ungrateful (at least i am not). I would still like to see the servers go up. And i dont want you to think. "Well if people don't want the update then no point putting the server up", i will play DayZero, update or no update because its great the way it is.

    Sadly, i feel there is not much else to do on A2 DayZero because simply nobody plays it like they used to. A3 would be a great move, i understand that you don't want to do it though, because Arma is an awful platform to make mods for, and time constraints aswell with people having families/work.
  13. Perhaps open up the server so ppl can play while you do the leaderboard fix? :)

    THE APPLESEED Shipwrecked

    so no third third person?
  15. Do you really thinkg setting up new statistics will bring players? I doubt that.

    Nobody knows DayZero was still a thing and nobody will notice, because you guys simply suck at announcements, transparency and social media interactions.
    It took you over A MONTH to answer our questions about whats going on - and that being on your own forums...

    What are all your new leaderboards, rankings and whatnot when nobody knows that they exist?!
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  16. Tansien

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    I don't have the energy to rewrite all the code to move over to ArmA3, if we're gonna move somewhere we'll move to DayZ whenever that's stable enough.

    As for sucking at social media, announcements and such - yes i'm well aware.

    Not really any point if there's only going to be 1-2 people online at all times.
  17. SANT1

    SANT1 Bang Bang Leaderboard

    so what about getting dayzero out to dzlauncher? since the owner of the launcher is responding to messages now. I think that is the only way to maintain a stable population.
  18. Tansien

    Tansien Administrator Leaderboard Staff Member Administrator Forum Moderator

    Yeah, I'm aware. We'll try to get it published there for the next release.
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  19. Tired of the fucking diseases and temperature stuff on vanilla mod. Would love to play some high pop DayZero again...
  20. Would love to be able to play DayZero.. Nothing else out there rly cut it.

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