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  1. ska

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    hey guys,

    here you can find some informations about a new exile server, not that common you probably know about exile...


    • Loot-table and persistent world
    • Our Loot-table is scarce, but not mean. You can not get everything in just half an hours playtime, but if you know where to look - fine loot awaits. 5.56 caliber are common, 7.62 are rare, LMGs are sparse and 50cal Rifles are very uncommon.
    • You can not buy any vehicle or lock it. Like in DayZ, you can only find the vehicles at spawns and they are saved through restarts.
    • Custom Missions
    • We have set up a special missions system called Capture the Town - check this out!
    • Small tweaks and Eastereggs can be found on the server missions - for instance a Heli-crashsite finder
    • We have also planed to have several spawning events on the server, with custom missions. For instance spawning a locked vehicle which only can be opened with the "exile knife" - this also intended to be persistent through restart.
    • Hunting system
    • Throughout Chernarus wildlife has taken over for the dilapidated towns and structures.
    • Randomly spawned wildlife and pets, for both company and nourisment - where cooking will be an important survival skill.
    • Vehicle Repair
    • Vehicles are now more difficult to maintain and repair.
    • Tools are plentifull in the loot-table, and must be used to repair vehicles.
    • You can also buy the basic tools at tradesites.
    • Server Environment and specifics
    • A full dynamic 24hour day/night cycle.
    • With "dynamic daytime rotation", immersive night-time play is possible during the day.
    • From time to time you will experience Chernarus both during night and day.
    • As a rugged survivor, suicide is not an option - you are not allowed to kill yourself.
    • You may only spawn randomly along the coast of Chernarus.
    • The Autorun function native to Exile is for now disabled.
    • Additional Apps to the XM8 System
    • Several custom apps have been added to the XM8 System, explore them!
    • We have however not fully exhausted this feature, so if you know of any other apps - give us a shout. Perhaps we will add it.
    • Customized Crafting Recipes
    • We have added more crafting recipes. These will prove quite usefull for survival.
    • To withstand the harsher environment of Winter Chernarus, building requires more materials and better tools.
    • Survivor tradecamp
    • Survivors have set up a camp, with some security - however the rugged nature of longtime survivors might not guarantee your safety. Check the Rules!
    • The survivor trade camp will only provide the bare essentials for survival. More exotic items must be sought at more unsafe tradespots.
    • Due to a declining economy, the only locker for poptab storage is in the survivorcamp, for now with a limit of 3000 tabs.
    • ZH-X-Trader
    • This serverspecific trader can be found inside the survivorcamp, by the tower.
    • To improve the quantity of tradeitems, you yourself can add items for sale at this trader, and to get an economy going - you decide the prices. When a sale goes through, its payoff is simply added to the poptabs already in the locker.
    • This special tradesystem is something we want to test, and changes might come if we get interesting suggestions from the community. This is also where safes can be aquired.
    • More specified base building settings:
    • To better know what great undertaking constructing a sufficient base will be, here are some guidelines for the settings we have implemented. Remember to also check the basebuilding rules before you start setting up.
    • maximumRadius = 150
    • minimumDistanceToOtherTerritories = 325
    • maximumNumberOfTerritoriesPerPlayer = 1
    • minimumDistanceToTraderZones = 1000
    • minimumDistanceToSpawnZones = 1000
    • popTabAmountPerObject = 1 (only activity check)
    • Level 1 Price = 5000 Radius = 30 objects = 30
    • Level 2 Price = 15000 Radius = 60 objects = 60
    • Level 3 Price = 20000 Radius = 85 objects = 120
    • Level 4 Price = 30000 Radius = 120 objects = 120
    • Level 5 Price = 40000 Radius = 150 objects = 150

    for detailed informations and downloads visit:



    server is up since friday 21.10.16

    see you there..
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  2. rscl

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    Some screens/videos ?
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  3. ska

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  4. ska

    ska Scavenger Leaderboard

  5. ska

    ska Scavenger Leaderboard

    yep these two spots and the mission loot is high military stuff
  6. What do the missions generally entail?
  7. ska

    ska Scavenger Leaderboard

    you have to capture a town, kill the bots, hold the town for 5 minutes and get weapons and scopes, etc
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  8. ska

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    if you find something extreme unbalanced or too easy, just write to an admin in the forums. they are still balancing the lootspots and figure out how to make the best way for everyone with focus of harsh survival gameplay. the next days will be interessting...
  9. Croc

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    Was difficult to make winter cherno?
  10. ska

    ska Scavenger Leaderboard

    i didnt build it, but i think there are many hours of work in this project, the map was made by one guy, the admins combined it with namalsk for flair and winterfeeling and replaced many of the buildings with ruins of them. apocalyptic shit!
    and yes, white clothes are now high loot! :]
  11. Our squad will give it a shot.
  12. Not sure if your aware, but loot at crash sites re-spawn every 5-10 mins. And it seems like you have to hit somebody too many times to get a kill.
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  13. ska

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    yep i told them already about the crashsite loot spawn, maybe i have to do it again =) and ranger also claimed about the high armor level, the best thing is to write in the forums, the more english comments the faster they switch to an international communication =)
  14. ska

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    we all try to create a unique first person gameplay, but we need feedback and people who will try it. its not finished yet and it will take time to make it perfect as we want.
    give it a chance... first thing is we try to speak english in the forum :-D

    response from the admin:

    Its Exile... You cant copie past old stuff in exile. At least not most of the time.
    Cleanup in exile is both great and bad.
    Great because everything gets deletet every like 15 mins (dont know) - good thing for FPS.
    Bad because we cant spawn in crashsites with fixed one time loot because loot will be gone soon after the crashsitespawn.
    We also believe the mechanic is bugged since last exile updates and responsible for the fast dissapearing [​IMG] bodys which should not be effected because there is a seperate config line for this which is set to 40mins +.
    So we have to use the lootspawnmechanic from exile which is not effectet of the global cleanup.
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  15. Yh I was playing with Ranger earlier this week, it's a decent mod. Just need the player count to increase and see where it goes.
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  16. ska

    ska Scavenger Leaderboard

    waypoints and statusbar deactivated, also they did many adjustments about loot spawn and stuff. feels way better than the first days now.

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