Radio's for chopper crashes

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by eberteby, 2016-10-03.

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    On an old server I used to play on we had radio's in the drop table from barracks. They were pretty much as rare as a GPS is on DayZero I would say.

    No walkie talkie bullshit but basically every time a chopper crash ( talking only about AI chopper crashes, not people crashing choppers Hi Miles ) exploded in the air the server would send over a message to all the people that have a radio on them. If you have a radio on you ( goes into the toolbelt ) in 3/4 chance you would get a message that a chopper exploded somewhere and created a chopper crash. 1/4 chance you would get the location from a town / castle where it crashed near. Just saying a chopper has exploded near Stary Sobor for example.

    It promotes gameplay around chopper crashes which are often in fields / random area's + gives people more reward for taking the risk of looting the barracks.

    What do you guys think?

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  2. all you need is a developer and some players!
  3. this is like the best idea ive ever seen on this forum i think :eek:

    also shouldnt be so hard to implement? :-D
  4. I agree
  5. Molliturpa69

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    I think this was on the to-do-list few years ago already when the mod was at it's peak. They just never got around to do it before most of the devs left.
  6. I really like the idea, but i only can agree if you hear the voice message in a circle of 100m arround green mountain too.
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  7. Yea edict kinda had this sort of thing in it. It gave a text message on the bottom right of your screen telling airdrop coordinates. I feel like the similar type of thing could be implemented here....tho the coordinates shouldnt probably the exact. Like just about

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