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    Sup guys,

    In the early morning I decided to check out NWAF for some guns / suits but did not expect to find 2 broken humvees and a plane, as I only play with one other guy on the server I decided to pick up the plane and go for a ride. The fuel was almost empty so decided to refuel it first on the airfield itself.

    After picking up my mate in Balota we went looking out for choppers in the northern area of the map, after looking for 10-15 minutes we decided to go park the plane somewhere and wait till the evening untill more people would come online we could have some fun with and not waste too much fuel. Untill suddenly I spotted something grey parked in a small open space in the middle of nowhere. It was the 2 seated littlebird.

    My friend has never flown a chopper / plane in his life, the fuel of the chopper was empty he said, I had 2 filled jerry cans on me so I landed the plane, threw the jerry cans in and had enough flytime for about 5 minutes leaving the plane behind while refueling at the NW refuel point. After this we flew back and landed next to our plane.

    After some short instructions for how to manage a chopper my friend got the chopper about 50 meters in the air and turned the auto hover function off. I told him to press forward a bit to start moving, about 5 seconds later I hear an explosion, apparently he held his forward key down for like 2 seconds sending the chopper right into the ground :) He survived the crash but the chopper was completely broken.

    It was pretty obvious someone parked the littlebird there so we couldn't leave the plane close to the inital finding spot, decided to fly a bit more to the east and land the plane again waiting for the eveing.

    At 21:00 server restart there were about 10 people online, enough for us to log in and try to find a party :)

    Here is a video of our evening adventure, I sadly didn't record the inital hearing of the littlebird and we do talk a lot of Dutch in the video but I hope you'll manage and enjoy it.

    At about 8:50 I lose vision of the chopper, while watching my recording you can see I actually still did see him at 9:04, my friend who was on the ground at that time saw the chopper and gave me directions but I was too focused on the lower arial space. At 9:33 he tells me 'left left'. 9:55 I spotted him again on the recording but he just goes in and out of rendering distance.

    I landed to pick up my friend as we lost track of the bird and went refueling the plane at Gorka fuel station. I wonder if people are able to land this plane at the NW refuel point in first person?

    We didn't want to give up and went looking again after refueling untill not much later we spotted the bird on the ground. After my friend ejected from the plane he tried to steal the littlebird, only managed to crash it while hovering upwards into the trees, there were 3 main rotors + 3 scrap metal + windscreen glass + 3 engines in the gear of the chopper ( it didn't explode, just everything broke ), as neither of us had a toolbox he decided to pick up all the gear and dump them in the forest.

    GG to Done Brozevellio for the nice shot nocking me KO in the plane :)

    Was an unbelievable day, we are still pretty new to DayZero, my friend only started playing DayZ on this server, myself on the otherhand has played for a couple of years on 2 other private ( Zerosurvival ) hives like 1.5 years ago but my love for this game is back.

  2. you guys were awesome, I like it when people go balls deep crazy and fly around like you did, usually we only come across players in choppers and planes who use them to scout from like 400m up in the air, credzz to you and your squad :))
  3. I didnt even realise actual Belgians play this game :) liked the vid :)

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