Zombies.nu - SE2 Podagorsk Server bugged?

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Phyaa!, 2016-08-06.

  1. Hi!

    I think there is something wrong with SE2 (podagorsk). vehicle despawn, and my character seem to spawn in diffrent locations sometimes without some/most of my gear. I'm not combat logging, so this should not be the reason why this is happening right? Is this the reason there's no one playing on it besides me and my friend? just thought i'd give back some feedback on what's going on at this server.
  2. Maybe just make it 3PP Chernarus lul...
  3. Chernarus on SE2 with 3PP, PLZ! :)
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  4. Croc

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    Stop it guys. We should have just 1(one) server to play because we have very small active community atm. So pls don't start with crying about new servers...
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  5. I won't play on SE1 without 3PP so i was trying...

    PLZ SE2 on Chernarus with 3PP :)
  6. I don't mean to cry about it. I just figured i'd create this thread to adress the problem on SE2 - Podagorsk. I'm really greatful for those people who created these servers. And i agree that we should keep just a few servers considering how few we are. I just figured i'd use the ''Bug Report'' forum for it's soul purpose.
  7. Croc

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    I didn't write about you. I understand why you created this tread.

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