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Discussion in 'Meanwhile, in the real world...' started by Ignak, 2016-07-30.

  1. Next best thing to counterstrike....and there's a lot of co-op missions too...and most of them are so hard you can't make it.

    Free to play too, so nothing to lose :)

    I'll paste some flattering videos soon
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  2. that's me at warface

    I'll post a owning video after
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  3. Well there's me again :) for once did something...
  4. Molliturpa69

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    Well considering how shit CS:GO feels most of the time, I wouldn't really advertise this being "the next best thing after CS". That's like saying something tastes almost as good as anything related to the English cuisine.
  5. True enough, bad choise of words :p just love the co-op concept in this.
  6. Who enjoys random shooting games anywayz? Play Project Reality (f2p). Here's an example (long games 50vs50 players with everyone communicating and a cancerous community - what else to ask for? I've been playing the game since it's been a bf2 mod, for like 7 years).
  7. I would recommend Insurgency. Very intense team based FPS.

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