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  1. What is the thing he is taking about?
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  4. Thanks All!! if anyone need toilet paper i got a LOT!
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  6. Sad to see this mod go down. It had some huge potential that never broke out the way it deserved.
    I hope to see you guys in the vanilla-scene instead. As many people said. We love Arma 2 to much.
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  7. Are there any good vanilla dayz servers anymore?
  8. Rawryy

    Rawryy die hasslon Leaderboard

  9. All drama aside I had so much fun playing this mod, met so many cool people (they know who they are) and found my long lasting partner @weddy97 thanks for all the sick memories x x
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  10. The ones now are better then any before. For casual 3pp with high populated vanilla check out Europa and us434... There are others getting a stable population earlier this year as well.
    I started a hardcore 1pp (name: intenz) server 2 months ago. So it has not the high pop yet. Feel free to support it though. Pm me for Further questions, I dont want the thread to go offtopic.
  11. After DayZero the vanilla grass just kills me. I can't stand it. :oops:

    Enlighten me, bitch.
  13. yourik

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    Just transfer this mod on ARMA III and u will have nice profit.. DayZ SA is fu*king sh*t right how.. so buggy so raw and PVP total disappointment.

    What can I say.. we now playing ARMA 3 battleroyale for example. And few days ago I found I nice server (FT-2 RHS EU) with ARMA 3 RHS mod... its nice to have your teem to play there.. real PVP real war.

    About cheating/hacking i don't even want to say nothing. My chap BillyKid spend his money.. I told him.. they shutdown servers to get some profit.. but he believes and told me that he totally satisfied with this mod, like to pend hours to play with this community and ready to support this project. But.. he is cheater.. I cheater and our friends are cheaters as swell :-D disabled persons who can't play and enjoy it.
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  14. I really hope we could make this work somehow (locking server and keeping it online).

    If not, thank you everyone!
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  15. Scrolling habbit doesn't mean opening up the steam overlay and looking at kills, it means scrolling when you're IN GAME, are you enlighted yet, Bitch?

    Thanks for answering my question, You really are challenged.
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  16. THE SASsssssssSSSSSSssssssss
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  17. Look while people are confessing to many sins I may aswell open up about a few of my closest guarded secrets.

    M.J does use hold breath.

    That is all.

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  18. Was a great feature. I don't blame him.. It made sniping hoarders at 800m much easier
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  19. "Secrets"
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  20. Confession time, i did "bro" a couple of times.. aaand perhaps a few bandage glitches during these 4 years. :rolleyes:

    Would be awesome to see the alleged proof of cheating @papsh had on me.
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