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  1. rscl

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    I wanna help aswell, I have some experience with game development: (free Fallout MMO game)
    Metzgers idea for closing registration (if wont be new admins to ban the hackers) is like 1000x better than closing the server.

    Pls reconsider and the same as ppl before me THANK YOU all guys who made DayZero the best ArmaII mod out there, thank you for all that time of joy your brought to my life. (thing is I would love it to continue :p)
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  2. We need to rid the disease.
  3. There could also be a middle ground on new invites, if there aren't many admins. Invite/vouch only, with the threat of ban for the voucher as well if the vouched cheats of course :)
  4. There's only one thing that can save the servers now @Harbinger's bridge
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  5. Gooby.

    Gooby. Survivor Leaderboard

    3000 hours on the mod. Have spent sleepless nights and wasted days for this mod. It was all worth it

    Thank you tansien and the crew for making this mod and keeping it up for so long that we all could enjoy it.
    I wish my best of luck to everyone who i played with and thank you for these years.


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  6. This makes me incredibly sad. There will never be anything like it.
    I hope someone will take over the helm, but im afraid this is it. Bohemia will never deliver on their DayZ SA promise.
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  7. I'm crying right now. The NWA squad has been playing on your server Tansien since the beginning as you know. Loved every minute of it. DayZ was a totally new experince game wise for me and it really got med hooked.

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  8. Many of us agree that DayZero has, without a doubt, been the best game/mod around. Thanks everyone, both staff and players, for providing the greatest gaming experience to date! It is truly sad that it has come to an end.

    I hope Tansien considers it. It could be a great way to let the server and the magic live on for a few more months.

    RIP DayZero!
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  9. Best mod Arma 2 has and will ever see, I'd like to thank @Tansien for all the hard work you put in for the first 2 years of DayZero and I'd personally like to thank @mdms and @Rogorugu for all the great banter, I mean come on guys! banning me for no reason! HA! classic Rogo. But hey that's just water under @Harbinger's bridge, I don't hold anything against you.

    I would also like to thank @PsiSyndicate for making me E famous back in the day.. (All my DayZero vets will know what I'm talking about).

    I'm not too worried about the servers going offline I'm more worried about @Rawryy's streaming career... maybe he could learn some things from @10bag and stream some chess, I wish you the best of luck bro.


    P.S could you leave the forums online? me and @SANTERI have a little romance going on
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  10. Alright gays, who's ready for a long and dramatic post?

    It’s with a heavy heart I have to admit to the community of my sins and truly confirm the rumours about my scrolling habit. I first saw someone do this in a frag video and thought wow that looks so cool, being able to bring up the scroll menu when you’re running around and killing people. So funnily enough I started doing it myself, no it wasn’t a super-secret hack. Thinking about it I was just that good at the game. Now I know what you’re thinking, the scroll habit wasn’t a hack? but olumox how was is possible to be that good without cheating and what I say to that my friends is watch all of dustgones arma tutorials and you too will soon be the accused cheater.

    Anyway you bunch of shit cunt players it’s been a while but your boy is back. The olumox, expert battlefield tactician, renowned sharpshooter, leader of TEAM and official no.1 player of all time.

    Got some great memories from this game mainly just outplaying and killing everybody and not losing any teammates in the process. My best ever memory is when one of us (lazy aka official no.2 player of all time) got a 49 kill streak when the server was max players and by not playing like a bunch of pussies (like most of the groups did when I last played). I heard some rumours after we stopped playing that some other freak called hoarders mongoloid got close to the big 49 but that sounds like horse shit to me. No-one was ever close to our level of skill and never will be, get salty benders.

    Special mention to Predatory Clown, if i had to compare him to anyone, it would have to be private blithe from band of brothers. Here is some information about private blithe: “hid during most of the battle”, “scared to death, shrieking and sobbing in his foxhole”. Perfect comparison.

    I’d like to thank the creator Tansien and some, not all of the admins because most of them believed team were hacking and for that fuck you we were just genuinely that incredible at the game. Big up my man YarwoodUK for being the servers greatest ever admin and their is no candidate more suitable for taking over these servers than him, since he's just built a gaming shed in his back garden, which is perfect location for the brand new third person server to be located.

    Let’s be honest most of you browsing this today missed the real peak of Dayzero, a time when 4 third person servers were all full and there was a shit ton of clans about. That’s a time I’ll never forget. I know some of those people will see this post and you are the real gangsters.

    Special thanks to a nervous scotsman for making me the player I am today, I’ll never forget a 15 year old Scottish lad who got kicked out of his own house trying to lead a squad. Also a very, very special thanks to G-Thang and Nejox for helping me with those encrypted secret files I’m not supposed to tell anybody about.

    Looks like the best mod ever has come to end and it is with great regret I cannot put myself forward to be an admin, I’m afraid I don’t have the time or patience to deal with people trying to be as good as any member of team using third party programs, because that would be the only possible way to achieve said goal.

    In all seriousness all we need is a third person chernarus server with a normal day/night cycle and a decent newsletter sent out that is literally it. I believe that would give us a steady population for at least a month. If we try that and it fails so be it. What have we got to lose honestly? People just donated and shit. I hate first person it isn't skilled in the slightest way, it's shit and i played it for that ages, so all these salty little shitlords who will suffer on third can stop moaning and give me more studies.

    Anyone who isn't a friend of the great olumox can request an application form on steam and depending who you are we can show the mugs on battlefield one and cod 4 remastered who's really the dog's bollocks. Peace out bitches, thanks to all my fans.
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  11. [​IMG]
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  12. Molliturpa69

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  13. [​IMG]
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  14. cya
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  15. ewan

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    I like this idea.
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  16. Kojot

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    Good decision. Mod has been dead since few months. No reason to continue it. URSUS team wants to say thanks for all big fights and awesome clusterfucks.
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  17. [​IMG]

    Thanks for everything guys. This mod is still the bomb #100. Thanks for all the countless hours DayZero of adrenaline, joy, sadness and laughs DayZero have given me and my stupid shit team (;-)). I doubt we will ever find anything like it...

    Lets take a moment of silence for DayZero RIP 2012-2016. Never forget!

    //The best player in [NWA]
  18. Thanks for everything, guys.
    Alot of good folks here, hope you'll do well in the future!

    And as far as TEAM goes; feels good to have been the best, with the best.

    Adios amigos
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  19. Ravelle

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    As an ex Head admin of a different game I totally get the burnout, I really hope someone steps up to take the helm and DayZero doesn't evaporate, but I have no experience with ArmA 2 administration :/. Disgusts me that players so close to the community have been found exploiting hacks recently, I hope it served as a good replacement for the attention of their parents, which they clearly never got.
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  20. How is about Ponto, where did he go?
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