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  1. You're such a wise man, you should be an admin!
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  2. papsh

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    and you should be banned for hax.
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  3. Did you know carrots are a member of the parsley family?

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  4. Your life is so boring and lonely that you strive off hacking in an online video game(s). You live at home with your parents in the UK somewhere and work a shitty minimum wage job and sink thousands of pounds into trying to hack, get a life.
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  5. papsh

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  6. First and foremost, thank you Tansien, mdms, fins & Flame for keeping a community worth spending countless of hours on playing. That said, I knew this was coming, it has been imminent for a while now. I understand that the manual work is very time consuming, as I've had to do that myself in bigger communities previously. It's extremely tedious. That said, mdms especially, have kept doing this.

    The problem with this community in general, is all the hate inbetween specific groups out-of-the-game, which ruins a lot of the fun #constantdrama. It has always been an issue, and probably will always be. For the people who suspected me of cheating, suspected Riku of cheating, or whatever the fuck, get your facts straight before you create an utter shitstorm about it and make admins dig /that/ deep.

    I can't do anything but laugh. You've always been a key-figure in the community, and seeing you highlight me like that makes me frown. I knew that you were a sad sod, but this is just laughable. Have some dignity, at the very least, admit to your mistakes. You were biased as fuck, everybody knows that. You held grudges, and made incredibly bad decisions as an admin. That itself is a cry for help, you are a power hungry individual who never seizes to impress me.

    I've been working on my own PvP mod for the last two years, and I could've released it a long time ago - many of the community members are aware of this. I'd never want to steal any of DayZero's playerbase because I highly respect what Tansien & co has done for not only the DayZ community, but as before mentioned, we've all had countless of hours with great experiences, made incredibly good friends and all that.

    Au revoir lads.

    (Special mentions: fletch, kenny, mc, mj, jayzar, dejvin, lekro, dominate, ibooze, pred clown (daddy fitz), daddy banjo, one of my best friends riku > penguman, Traxxin, Knaris, Mongo, Crowen, all of the fins (so many names to mention), Jack, weddy, SANT, RAWRYY, SHAY. Probably forgot about a lot of people, but you know who you are)
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  7. papsh

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    Ah nooo.... why you removing your post jacky boy? You are in alliance with my little haters now ? I thought they were your enemies when you were giving me teamspeak sound files and other spy backstabbing info towards them... You have a double life like most of the people here. This community needs to end. It was a wise thing to do Tansien and co.
  8. What you fail to understand is that people over time, admit their mistakes, and we shake hands. You on the other hand, have obviously not experienced that in your life. Shut up already, you're humiliating yourself.
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  9. Bateeee

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    Jolieto [​IMG]
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  10. Albo

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    I hate when ppl have beef between them. Im a vegan.
  11. papsh

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    You are not a good actor Jolieto.
  12. Care to elaborate?
  13. I honestly thought you was about 13 so I didn't care about all the beef and childish shit you was doing, then I found out you was nearly 50 :)
  14. git gud
  15. FeelsBadMan
  16. Sad news. I was never involved in the community enough to know about all the drama, but I loved playing this mod. Just wanted to say that DayZero was (and still is) the best ArmA 2 mod there has ever been. Even though I had lots of breaks, some longer than others, I always came back to play DayZero every now and then. Sad to see it end like this, but I guess everything comes to an end at some point. A great game, even though it fucked up my sleep schedule so many times. :)
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  17. So we resign to the hackers now? Guys, i cant accept that.
    Yesterday i read mdms patch prediction in the other topic and hardly 20 hours later we announce to shut down the server? :eek:
    How about to "lock" the sever for already registered members, make no new registrations available?
    Of course the player count will scale down with that, but i prefer to play with 15 people online than with none!
    While registration is closed, Tansien has time to think about all and maybe can find some people who keep DayZero going.
    Waiting till standalone is working is like quitting the whole dayz experience for years

    Other question, what skills are needed to handle the hacker problematic?
    I got lots of time, but i have literally no knowledge in arma coding.
    I´d rather spend my time in helping to keep the hackers banned than watching an offline DayZero Launcher.
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  18. What he said. : (
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  19. Rawryy

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    I guess its only right theres an argument on a thread.

    Will miss this drama.
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  20. I'd give the man a chance, there's nothing to lose :) I also have some time in my hands, I could try moderating the forums and help people get whitelisted and such if there are problems. But I'm no good on spectating, I think you need a more tactical mind for that to spot the cheaters, and I wouldn't trust myself enough to ban someone unless they were exploding the cherno with their magic explosive bullets, and making cows rain from the sky ;-)
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