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  1. R.I.P




  2. rip dayzero, rip ignak :)
    thanks to everybody, most of all the devs and mods!
    thanks to all the streamers, squads, enemies and squadmates! such great times were had :-D

    maybe we'll see each other in another reincarnation of dayzero, i sure hope so!
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  3. Bye dayzero had too much hackers and bug abusers like all these team or hoarders fags hope u get canZ bye .
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  4. Wheres Tansien gone?

    People have suggested to try admin work and help out...

    Another rabbit hole?

  5. LOL
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    • We know it all :) Don't say RIP dayzero might have a chance
    • If Tansien really meant that he would keep the servers up if there was a admin
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  6. This thread has like 10000 views so I can assure you that if you said fuck it and kept the servers open without an admin, this place would be crawling with cheaters. Would have been better if nothing was said and admins made it look like they were doing something, idk.
  7. I'd keep it up, having one of the german people...who is metzger...otherwise it would be just me and my peple
    It never was a good idea to keep the server up with cheaters... It would ruin Tansiens good fame of having no cheaters...
  8. I am willing to take over the admin stuff...and have some stealth people inspect, who I trust. If Tansien lets me

    But to be honest, I am neutral with everyone... I have no might work if I was Admin
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  9. Ignak, it is up to you now! Take this server into your keeping and make it glorious once again. I said today was the last time I ever logged out from DayZero, but it shall not be, PROVE ME WRONG IGNAK, PROVE ME WRONG!

    (i expect this server to be up and running in a week when i get back, cya)
  10. Your probably the only guy I have a little trust in when it comes to this community lol
  11. i shall fucking try, if tansien thinks so*
  12. as far as I know, I amo the only guy who doesn't have anything bad going on with anyone else :)

    and even with you guys.. I understand you are assholes online,. but how about you trying being like you are in irl for once?
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  13. I´m still open for help to keep the servers running, if i can be any help against the hackers.
    I guess noone would call me to abuse admin tools, i have no conflict with any squad, and just saying, i were to bad in each gunfight and it would be to obvious if i am the pefrect gunner afterwards. :-D
    But if we dont get any new admins, pls lock the god damn server and let us all play as we want. Dont let this awesome mod die cause of the little costs of electricity.
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  14. I am willling to take that all, with a couple of exceptions. A couple of dudes who you will never know who they are, who will be spectating, and I will take hold of the admin stuff. Just lets see what Tansien says
  15. It usually fucks up when there are teams fighting up north...and there's a admin round...But I dont join those north maybe...just maybe you'd pick me to be your admin
  16. I think Ignak would be the best solution for an admin.
  17. Thank you
  18. I am quite sure none of you have any ill will against me :) So that would work for my advantage
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  19. Bateeee

    Bateeee The Gunner Leaderboard

    +1 vote for Ignak to be admin!!
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